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1Release 0.19.6:
3Carsten Haitzler (1):
4 e passive window grabs - fix side-effect leave/enter events on clients
6Christopher Michael (1):
7 enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from git
9Derek Foreman (2):
10 wizard: Prevent crash
11 wizard: Prevent crash
13Mike Blumenkrantz (43):
14 reject client fullscreening based on config and desk visibility
15 force xwindow stacking to obey nocomp policy and stack below current nocomp
16 allow new fullscreening clients to replace current nocomp where applicable
17 fix focusing client on mouse events which trigger actions (with exceptions)
18 fix shelf visibility state signals
19 fix eo errors for ilist icon select state
20 allow layer-blocked clients in deskmirror to restack
21 return an accurate value for override clients in e_comp_object_util_zone_get()
22 only apply deskmirror client visibility logic for non-deleted clients
23 stop rejecting possibly-valid x11 focus events
24 check for possible parent window on x11 mouse button events
25 fix focus FIXME regarding focus-setting on clients from other desks
26 unset changes.visible when forcing visibility during no-effect desk flip
27 add E_Client-> for determining mouse-in status
28 trigger fake mouse-out on clients when unsetting focus
29 trigger client mouse-in on x11 mouse movement for non-action clients
30 enforce pstate's extremely-confusing no_turbo option in cpufreq
31 use client window for x11 button ungrabbing
32 redo all x11 client mouse grabbing for focus
33 straggler ungrab of x11 parent window from previous commit
34 ensure x11 focus grabs are applied on client init when needed
35 only ungrab x11 windows when appropriate focus options are set
36 reject x11 replay clicks when event window != client window
37 do not apply x11 focus grabs to internal clients if efl version > 1.14
38 make e_client_util_desk_visible() work for overrides without desks
39 make pager popups only trigger on urgency hint if client is not currently visible
40 set CRITICAL urgency for notification internal notifications
41 block client signal binding activation when mouse action is active
42 move E_Client-> to E_Client->mouse_in to avoid abi breakage
43 account for race condition when creating initial comp object updates tiler
44 fix compile against newer efl
45 move grabinput focus fix timer to x11 compositor and fix it to Work Better
46 always set x11 override client geometry on startup
47 fix compile warning
48 only unset e MANAGED atom on non-shutdown
49 only trigger client mouse-in from x11 mouse move event if client+desk are visible
50 ensure that focus is set and focus stack is managed on winlist hide
51 never use new clients for stacking part 2: the secret of the stacking
52 ensure clients possess comp_data before dereferencing it during x11 stacking
53 always stop passing key events on once they reach the lokker callback
54 simulate modal windows for badly behaved x11 clients
1Release 0.19.5: 57Release 0.19.5:
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