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20.7 NEWS updatesv0.20.7
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1Release 0.20.7:
3Carsten Haitzler (4):
4 e mod: cpufreq - handle the case where cpu has zero freqs - dont crash
5 e intl - fix string buffer length size
6 e intel - fix number 2
7 e syscon - dont show syscon if desklock is up - you can't respond
9Chris Michael (1):
10 destroy seat resource when we get a release request
12Derek Foreman (10):
13 Fix wayland hide for internal windows
14 Fix internal window borders on 32-bit computers
15 Free pixel data after taking a wayland screen shot
16 wayland: Don't leak a clipboard source if adding fd handler fails
17 wayland: Stop E from consuming all CPU as soon as a selection is made
18 xwayland: Don't leak memory on dnd read failure
19 wayland: Fix xdg-popup crash
20 Clean up some header inclusion
21 Remove unwanted debug detritus from last commit
22 wayland: Fix crash when attempting to create surfaces for deleted clients
24Massimo Maiurana (1):
25 Updating italian translation
27Mike Blumenkrantz (121):
28 unify client e_hints window size setting in move/resize callbacks
29 remove show callback from evry win on deletion
30 don't add render update during ignored damage on deleted clients
31 check returned pixmap size before attempting to create updates tiler
32 run focus-out and mouse-out wayland client callbacks for deleted clients
33 reject attempts to focus deleted comp objects
34 make wayland client keyboard focus list pruning more robust
35 remove library checks for a number of modules along with useless defines
36 remove eldbus init/shutdown calls from the codebase
37 redo wizard's gl testing mechanism
38 grab comp input on wizard start
39 don't add render updates for deleted clients on failed resize
40 break out xwl init/shutdown into static functions for reuse internally
41 remove maximize_pre flag from wl client comp_data
42 always send wl key releases if surface still exists
43 calling dirty() on a comp object for a deleted client should not print an error
44 remove direct references to ec->comp_data in x11 compositor
45 add workaround for xwayland client bug
46 unify client post_updates management code into single function
47 do not attempt to resize clients to 0x0 during res restore
48 unset solid drawing of opaque regions during comp object animations
49 adjust wayland client coords by window_geometry during first surface commit
50 do not reset the wizard got_desktops flag when setting the default system lang
51 fix stringshare usage in wizard language page (010)
52 reduce wizard connman timeout timer to 0.5s
53 always update saved coords for maximized/fullscreen clients on csd geom update
54 do not update client coords on csd geom update if it would change the zone
55 ignore deleted clients when reapplying zone geometry policy in canvas update
56 hide wl clients before deleting them when surface is destroyed
57 remove wl selection hacks from f0ba92d39e1f6631974d53100dcbb4cc040a8241
58 use zone geometry when clamping evry gadget popup to gadget's screen
59 store (internal) elm win geometry when set prior to showing the win
60 ignore xwayland clients in wl client delete request callback
61 cast eina_list_count() in flowlayout, not entire expression
62 unset opaque region during comp object render if none exists
63 avoid null deref in during pager_plain dnd
64 use eina_streq for e_util_binding_match() comparisons
65 use snprintf for string handling in batget
66 rework systray theme applying code
67 use snprintf for string handling in batget
68 remove lots of impossible null checks from pager move callback
69 send resize edges to wl clients on resize start and end
70 feed mouse-up events for all buttons on internal wins when activating a binding
71 do not set initial changed state for new clients if they are ignored
72 redo wayland client unignore mechanism
73 do not add deleted clients to tasks gadgets
74 remove deleted clients from tasks client list during repop
75 use canvas pointer coords in systray mouse cb
76 ignore x11 ConfigureRequest events when maximize_override is set
77 add even more systray/dbusmenu hacks
78 feed mouse out to internal clients upon activating a mouse binding
79 selectively reject comp object signal emissions based on action_client state
80 move notification text escaping into dbus notify method callback
81 track offline/presentation mode notification ids and replace on toggle
82 reshuffle notifications on replace
83 remove old compositor reset code
84 don't show some x11-specific compositor settings under wayland
85 force keyboard modifier update on wl client focus-in
86 block wl keyboard modifier updating during input grabs
87 explicitly manage client focus when setting/unsetting input grabs
88 optimize case where an x11 client is focused/unfocused in same loop iteration
89 remove wl xdg popup new_client stuff from get_popup method
90 allow some client zone/desk move actions to occur on action client
91 only attempt to rescue offscreen clients if they are completely offscreen
92 apply compositor keybinds if an action client that is not focus exists
93 do not reset previously-set ec->placed state when attempting early client moves
94 set destructor for xdg popups when setting implementation
95 enforce wl xdg popup stacking relative to parent stacking
96 don't set wl xdg popups to POPUP layer, set popups as placed on creation
97 remove clamping for wl xdg popup configures
98 reapply client focus after input grab, only handle focus for wayland compositors
99 do not incrementally remaximize clients during shelf hide animation
100 restrict shelf border_fix to only affect clients affected by the shelf
101 delete internal wayland elm windows in wl client delete request callback
102 add back CTRL to keybindings editor display
103 remove video child references from wl compositor
104 wl popup surfaces should not receive focus on show if parent is not focused
105 print xwayland exe path in debug logs
106 don't print xwayland path twice...
107 disable xwayland module if exe cannot be found during configure
108 reject client maximize attempts using identical maximize params
109 set WAYLAND_DEBUG=0 during wl compositor init
110 do not send shell configures for deleted wl clients
111 do not unconditionally update position+size when changing wl client csd geometry
112 don't send duplicate configure to wayland clients during unfullscreen
113 directly include e.h in efm device backends
114 make e_client_has_xwindow() more wayland-only friendly
115 change client un/maximize_pre callback location to occur after safety checks
116 ignore maximized+fullscreen windows when placing new clients
117 unify a large portion of repeated code in e_place
118 redo e_place_desk_region_smart() to handle multiple screens
119 allow mixer volume increase actions to exceed 100%
120 reject xwayland clients in wl client resize handlers
121 make startup/restart app exec timing protocol-specific
122 trivial wl shell module cleanups
123 redo wl (xdg)shell surface ping
124 add copyright headers (MIT) from weston to e_comp_wl_data
125 more accurately reject wl selection setting based on whether serial is invalid
126 do not perform input ungrab twice during dnd end in wayland
127 ensure that wl clients do not run extra render on hide twice
128 unify client filtering checks from e_place_desk_region_smart()
129 do not attempt to show x11 override windows
130 don't force full damage on x11 override clients
131 don't defer resizes+queue render updates for shapeless or pending shaped clients
132 ensure damages do not get added for shapeless x11 clients
133 remove unnecessary conditional in e_comp_object_render()
134 slightly simplify image data setting in e_comp_object_render()
135 set NULL image pixel data during x11 render when no damages exist
136 ensure resize is still deferred for changes.shape clients during failed resize
137 do not show unsized comp objects during theme apply
138 set NULL image data in _e_comp_object_pixels_get() on failure
139 only set "dialog" border for transient clients if window type is unset
140 remove some X references in settings dialogs
141 treat POPUP_MENU window type as an override window for comp theme matching
142 always end drag operations on failure
143 remove explicit edje_init/shutdown calls
144 ensure evry gadget popups effectively clamp to their zones
145 protect xdg-shell functions from accessing deleted client data
146 move wayland surface E_Client del check to a place where it's more useful
147 handle recursion more effectively in e_menu_hide_all()
148 distribute all weekeyboard edj files
150Shuhrat Dehkanov (1):
151 xkbswitch: establish parent/child relationship
1Release 0.20.6: 154Release 0.20.6:
2--------------------- 155---------------------
3Carsten Haitzler (2): 156Carsten Haitzler (2):