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giant comp rejiggering commit #6:
* border->fx REMOVED, related border api REMOVED * comp edc has new class of groups: e/comp/effects[/auto] ** these are effects which can be applied to any compositor object through the e_comp_win_effect* api and are written in embryo *** two types - base and auto - base = manual, for use with animators; auto are "trigger and forget", for use as actual effects * desk flip transition animations moved to comp effects and FIXED(ish) * "zoom" effect renamed to "diagonal" for slightly less misleading name since it never did any zooming * actual "zoom" effect added * border hierarchy now as follows: cw->effect_obj swallows cw->shobj, cw->shobj swallows cw->bd->bg_object ?: cw->obj, if (cw->bd->bg_object) cw->bd->bg_object swallows cw->obj ** cw->effect_obj now used for all positioning and comp logic ** cw->effect_obj ONLY used for object transformation effects (moving, zooming, fading, etc) ** cw->shobj ONLY for comp visual/non-movement effects (focus effect, unfocus opacity, legacy shadows); this is a candidate for removal/rewrite in E19 * even more comp shape rewrites * desk flip animation time now controlled by theme since edje doesn't support setting transition time in C; related config value removed * desk flip transitions (in e_desk.c) rewritten * various modules (evry/illume2) updated to use comp effects instead of fx offset * desk flip configuration BROKEN(ish)
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12013-04-15 Mike Blumenkrantz 12013-04-15 Mike Blumenkrantz
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3 * window borders now drawn on compositor canvas 3 * window borders now drawn on compositor canvas
4 * desk flip animations moved to edje
5 * added e_comp_win_effect* api
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52013-04-05 Jérémy Zurcher 72013-04-05 Jérémy Zurcher
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