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Entry: Fix scroller position to show cursor.
Before this commit, this would not always be the case. I added a "scroll to cursor" for every change in entry size. This is a further fix to T169. It's not exactly what described there, but it's a similar issue I found while fixing it. Somehow of a stage 2 for commit 80844cbcd72d5c3c00104b8bf8f9c5e590bad2bc. This also adds changelog and news entries, as this issue is now fully fixed.
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12013-11-25 Tom Hacohen
3 * Entry: Fixed issues with entry not scrolling to cursor.
12013-11-05 Tom Hacohen 52013-11-05 Tom Hacohen
2 * wsod: Fixed gdb hangs when generating backtraces. 7 * wsod: Fixed gdb hangs when generating backtraces.
3 8
42013-10-07 Mike Blumenkrantz 92013-10-07 Mike Blumenkrantz