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parentif a menu is active, ensure efm does not send icon_mouse_in smart callbacks (diff)
giant comp rejiggering commit #3
* e menus are now drawn directly onto the compositor canvas * menu theme now requires at least one part which allows mouse events in every menu group (YOUR MENUS WILL NOT WORK IF YOU ARE USING A THEME WHICH LACKS THIS!!!!!!!) * menus now also report dangling/zombie menus with slightly more accuracy now
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@@ -122,6 +122,7 @@ Improvements:
* DND canvas merged to compositor
* shelf gadcon can no longer resize smaller than 16x16, ensuring dnd success
* Don't rely on bash or zsh behavior when starting enlightenment_init and tempget.
+ * menus are now drawn directly on the compositor canvas
* IBar menu didn't allow to configure different icon sources, show contents menu even on empty IBar.