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@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ Bertrand Jacquin (2):
po: Bump copyright extension
po: Bump copyright extension
-Carsten Haitzler (199):
+Carsten Haitzler (202):
e ibar/ibox fix starrting/started signal emittion
e temp module - kill tempget process not terminate to ensure death
e - fix dnd problems coming from getting top object in comp canvas
@@ -264,6 +264,9 @@ Carsten Haitzler (199):
e sys - handle phantom wakeups from sleep on some devices
battery modules - actually set ac power flag based on ac presence
smart suspend - honor suspend on ac or not flag as it should
+ ptr grab/ungrab for blank/unblank - log stages and work done for debug
+ e main - xdg runtime dir fixup - dont overwrite same buffer
+ nvidia driver workaround atexit handlers for pam auth
Cedric BAIL (6):
filepreview: avoid race condition when destroying txt file preview with slow hard drive.
@@ -283,7 +286,7 @@ Chidambar Zinnoury (8):
e about: Year++.
e menu: Fix missing realize when using key-activation to the right.
-Christopher Michael (58):
+Christopher Michael (60):
'cur_group' variable is unused here if we are not building for wayland
add missing EINA_UNUSED for unused function params
remove unused variables from _ibar_resize_handle
@@ -342,6 +345,8 @@ Christopher Michael (58):
Revert "reverse order of shell binding in wl_desktop_shell module"
wl-drm: Properly retrieve output geometry and propertly set output mode
wl-drm: Add screen position to debug output
+ wl-drm: Fix issue of not being able to set output mode
+ Revert "wl-drm: Fix issue of not being able to set output mode"
Davide Andreoli (29):
mem gadget: respect the aspect ratio of the theme
@@ -374,7 +379,7 @@ Davide Andreoli (29):
pkit gadget: do not autoclose the popup
PKit gadget: more accurate progress bar
-Derek Foreman (81):
+Derek Foreman (84):
Properly send kbd focus to xdg_shell popups
Make sure the same keyboard resource doesn't end up on the focus list twice
Fix xdg_shell focus logic
@@ -456,6 +461,9 @@ Derek Foreman (81):
use safer ecore_exe flags that close stdin/out/err more often
Stop queuing wl_buffer release events
Revert "Set close on exec for stdin"
+ Fix xwayland related crash when mousing out of a window
+ Clear stored root window id when shutting down X
+ Fix crash on wayland logout if xwayland hasn't started yet
Flavio Ceolin (1):
emix: when in alsa mode only operate on master
@@ -560,7 +568,7 @@ Marcel Hollerbach (81):
Mariusz Bialonczyk (1):
modules/temperature: cosmetics: typo fix (celcius -> celsius)
-Massimo Maiurana (8):
+Massimo Maiurana (9):
Updating italian and spanish translations
Updating italian translation
Updating slovenian translation
@@ -569,6 +577,7 @@ Massimo Maiurana (8):
Updating danish translation
Updating danish translation
Updating italian translation
+ Updating italian translation
Michael Bouchaud (8):
e_client_volume: add sink_name_get API to e_client_volume
@@ -596,7 +605,7 @@ Michaƫl Bouchaud (yoz) (14):
mixer: use VOLSET macro in volume output set
Revert "mixer: do not set back the value from emix once the drag is finished"
-Mike Blumenkrantz (864):
+Mike Blumenkrantz (879):
unset release mode
handle e_comp_x init failure more effectively and perform cleanups
set x11 randr iface for wl_x11 based on wm presence, not composited state
@@ -1461,6 +1470,21 @@ Mike Blumenkrantz (864):
cancel wl selections after removing destroy listener
make some find_program() calls non-required in meson build
require efl 1.20.5
+ 22.0-rc release
+ 0.22.0-rc NEWS updates
+ unset release mode
+ move x11 compositor cleanup into shutdown function
+ add client refs for volume control sinks
+ unset client's mouse-in state on mouse out even while fullscreen or deleted
+ send wl pointer leave for deleted clients if viable
+ unset xwayland client changes.pos flag during xwl->wl switch if client is unplaced
+ block wl modal window destructor from intercepting xwl modal windows
+ handle more mouse buttons under wayland
+ explicitly free client animation agent object during fullscreen operation
+ pass key downs through xkbcommon
+ fix non-pam build with meson
+ disable cpuclock powersave updating for demo gadgets
+ correct some edje api usage in luncher preview setup
Romain Naour (4):
E: include uuid.h only when Wayland support is enabled.
@@ -1699,6 +1723,9 @@ William L. Thomson Jr (1):
YeongJong Lee (1):
fix korean translation mismatch
+scootergrisen (1):
+ Update danish translation
Release 0.21.10: