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committerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) <>2016-12-28 20:16:36 +0900
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warnings - disable y2k and format non literal and float comparison
so... comapring float warnings are 98% noise and no way to shut them up without actively changing code beavhiour. i fixed what possibly could be issues. don't force this on for everyone as it's almost all noise and nothing useful. turn it on in CFLAGS in your envc sometimes when you need to double-check but dont have ti on ALL the time as otherwise REAL warnings hide int he noise. as per e-devel discussion this warning is at best of dubious value - i.e. very little, but it does sometimes find something, so then let's SOMETIMEs turn it on and not all the time. y2k warnings are not useful for us. it's all about DISPLAy of time and so w'ere fine. and we use strings in config for some formats which is how it's meant to work so these warnings are not really useful for us - at least for now, so also turn it off.
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index 5253f34..4cf3902 100644
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@@ -1038,12 +1038,13 @@ m4_ifdef([v_rev],
1039 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wpointer-arith]) 1039 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wpointer-arith])
1040 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wshadow]) 1040 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wshadow])
1041 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wno-missing-field-initializers])
1042 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wfloat-equal])
1043 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wuninitialized]) 1041 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wuninitialized])
1044 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wundef]) 1042 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wundef])
1045 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wcast-align]) 1043 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wcast-align])
1046 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wformat=2]) 1044 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wformat=2])
1045 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wno-missing-field-initializers])
1046 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wno-format-y2k])
1047 EFL_COMPILER_FLAG([-Wno-format-nonliteral])
1047 ]) 1048 ])
1048 1049