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e17: create sysactions.conf with suspend/hibernate commands found at configure time.
TDO there should be a notice in summary which commands are used and that sysactions.conf needs to be tweaked SVN revision: 58187
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45 45
46action: halt /sbin/shutdown -h now 46action: halt /sbin/shutdown -h now
47action: reboot /sbin/shutdown -r now 47action: reboot /sbin/shutdown -r now
48action: suspend /etc/acpi/ force 48action: suspend @SUSPEND@
49action: hibernate /etc/acpi/ force 49action: hibernate @HIBERNATE@
50 50
51# on FreeBSD use this instead of the above. 51# on FreeBSD use this instead of the above.
52#action suspend /usr/sbin/zzz 52#action suspend /usr/sbin/zzz