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e: add gdb support to enlightenment_sys to work around Ubuntu crappy kernel patch.
SVN revision: 78640
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--- a/data/etc/
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@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ action: hibernate @HIBERNATE@
50action: /bin/mount /bin/mount 50action: /bin/mount /bin/mount
51action: /bin/umount /bin/umount 51action: /bin/umount /bin/umount
52action: /usr/bin/eject /usr/bin/eject 52action: /usr/bin/eject /usr/bin/eject
53action: gdb gdb
53 54
54# on FreeBSD use this instead of the above. 55# on FreeBSD use this instead of the above.
55#action suspend /usr/sbin/zzz 56#action suspend /usr/sbin/zzz