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specialize some sysactions fields for freebsd
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diff --git a/data/etc/ b/data/etc/
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--- a/data/etc/
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@@ -47,9 +47,9 @@ action: halt @HALT@
47action: reboot @REBOOT@ 47action: reboot @REBOOT@
48action: suspend @SUSPEND@ 48action: suspend @SUSPEND@
49action: hibernate @HIBERNATE@ 49action: hibernate @HIBERNATE@
50action: /bin/mount /bin/mount 50action: /bin/mount @MOUNT@
51action: /bin/umount /bin/umount 51action: /bin/umount @UMOUNT@
52action: /usr/bin/eject /usr/bin/eject 52action: /usr/bin/eject @EJECT@
53action: l2ping /usr/bin/l2ping 53action: l2ping /usr/bin/l2ping
54 54
55# on FreeBSD use this instead of the above. 55# on FreeBSD use this instead of the above.