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slightly tidier if's - spec up to pre10
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
1# Note that this is NOT a relocatable package 1# Note that this is NOT a relocatable package
2%define ver 0.17.0_pre5 2%define ver 0.17.0_pre10
3%define rel NOT_RELEASE_1 3%define rel NOT_RELEASE_1
4%define prefix /usr 4%define prefix /usr/local
5 5
6Summary: enlightenment 6Summary: enlightenment
7Name: enlightenment 7Name: enlightenment
@@ -16,9 +16,13 @@ URL:
16BuildRequires: evas-devel 16BuildRequires: evas-devel
17BuildRequires: edje-devel 17BuildRequires: edje-devel
18BuildRequires: ecore-devel 18BuildRequires: ecore-devel
19BuildRequires: embryo-devel
20BuildRequires: eet-devel
19Requires: edje 21Requires: edje
20Requires: evas 22Requires: evas
21Requires: ecore 23Requires: ecore
24Requires: embryo
25Requires: eet
22 26
23Docdir: %{prefix}/doc 27Docdir: %{prefix}/doc
24 28