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e - rewrite randr code entirely. core and dialog. dialog is basic atm
the dialog for now is simple and lets you just raw edit the properties per screen in a dialog. nothing fancy. not user firendly. but it works. the randr core has been totally rewritten and tested against a range of drivers and setups before even getting a commit. it works solidly and configures screens reliably now. drivers tested: nvidia intel radeon some drivers still are unreliable in terms of delivering plug/unplug events for outputs (both intel and radeon are flakey - nvidia is solid and reliable). so to fix this there is now a screen redo action you can bind to a hotkey or something and have e re-evaluate current screen setup and apply ny pending config if needed. also to make reconfiguring prettier the screen is faded to black first, then configured, then faded back in. some drivers work flawlessly with this, others still flicker some garbage. i admit - i haven't tested nouveau, but my general take on this is the randr code is now in far better shape than where it was (minus pretty and easy dialog). the dialog can be done next, but i'd like to get the core in now for more testing. @fix
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