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revert all the ui breakes in e - going the wrong direction in the
first place anyway. shoudl replace the entire dialgo one at a time by an elm version not try and stuff elm widgets into where e widgets used to be. this doesnt improve e's config dialogs, just makes them buggy as all hell in the name of a move to elm. Revert "e_widget_button -> elm_button conversion" This reverts commit b1c976d80d282d02832e8951d9e3c3fe113871fc. Revert "update widget size hints when setting a resize object" This reverts commit fdab0218b264d143c960aad806e3a4ff0ee20678. Revert "remove no-longer-necessary size hinting in list widgets" This reverts commit 21479f50192fb5a9c4204a90e1fe1e93a33a5e9e. Revert "e_widget_textblock -> elm_entry conversion" This reverts commit 8fe2f00f75068ccc03432ea43ba9fb13aed7dada. Revert "e frame -> elm_frame conversion" This reverts commit e9da6a02fc18cb6edc41633a2dfc688891a51764. Revert "remove unnecessary size hinting" This reverts commit b596623efd8a46d232ade1942c6638b3641013d1. Revert "e_label -> elm_label conversion" This reverts commit 049b31867912865e1357c83122c7419c09f4bb80. Revert "set evas size hint min in widget min size" This reverts commit 2f09aa2fda3ee06aae33af53f255c0eab770b57e. Revert "e_table -> elm_table conversion" This reverts commit 643401298201db2eea3c99e0ad725b016362fc49. Revert "remove unused vars" This reverts commit b19e706b23c0890312f2fc3bb1665a0eb4aab9e6.
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@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ src/bin/e_start_main.c
90src/bin/e_startup.c 90src/bin/e_startup.c
91src/bin/e_sys.c 91src/bin/e_sys.c
92src/bin/e_sys_main.c 92src/bin/e_sys_main.c
93src/bin/e_test.c 94src/bin/e_test.c
94src/bin/e_theme.c 95src/bin/e_theme.c
95src/bin/e_theme_about.c 96src/bin/e_theme_about.c