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authorsemernin <semernin>2009-07-01 18:35:26 +0000
committersemernin <semernin@7cbeb6ba-43b4-40fd-8cce-4c39aea84d33>2009-07-01 18:35:26 +0000
commit5d24f7948edfaa9489c26298cbd15d27278d0e75 (patch)
tree630b4934cba6c7c2fd9e9aae223ddd69d7500079 /src/bin/e_fm_op_registry.h
parentupdating french and italian translations (diff)
1. New field in E_Fm2_Op_Registry_Entry named dialog, that hold pointer
to error, abort or overwrite dialogs. 2. Glyph in fileman_opinfo theme that show have or not operation linked filemanager window. 3. When click on operation on fileman_opinfo, then linked efm window raised or attention dialog if error exist. SVN revision: 41229
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diff --git a/src/bin/e_fm_op_registry.h b/src/bin/e_fm_op_registry.h
index d7b39935b..f05345c75 100644
--- a/src/bin/e_fm_op_registry.h
+++ b/src/bin/e_fm_op_registry.h
@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ struct _E_Fm2_Op_Registry_Entry
E_Fm_Op_Type op;
E_Fm2_Op_Status status;
Eina_Bool needs_attention:1;
+ E_Dialog *dialog;
Eina_Bool finished:1;
// service callbacks