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authorChristopher Michael <cpmichael1@comcast.net>2005-12-22 21:08:34 +0000
committerChristopher Michael <cpmichael1@comcast.net>2005-12-22 21:08:34 +0000
commitf33c45d144ccbeb6b7ad3c8be37f092d4c213f8e (patch)
treefb32cdf72eed7a339116a071cc3688b010548ac9 /src/bin/e_ilist.h
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Rename e_ilist_select_* functions to be e_ilist_selected_* as this seems
more intuitive. Update e_int_config_theme.c for this change. Update e_int_config_background.c for this change. Update e_int_border_border.c for this change. Added e_ilist_remove_num to remove entries by number. Added e_widget_ilist_remove_num. Added e_ilist_remove_label to remove entries by label. Added e_widget_ilist_remove_label. Added e_ilist_selected_label_get to retrieve the selected items label. Added e_widget_ilist_selected_label_get. SVN revision: 19245
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/src/bin/e_ilist.h b/src/bin/e_ilist.h
index de6ea32ab..a9dbea1e6 100644
--- a/src/bin/e_ilist.h
+++ b/src/bin/e_ilist.h
@@ -9,14 +9,17 @@
EAPI Evas_Object *e_ilist_add (Evas *evas);
EAPI void e_ilist_icon_size_set (Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Coord w, Evas_Coord h);
EAPI void e_ilist_append (Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Object *icon, char *label, void (*func) (void *data, void *data2), void *data, void *data2);
-EAPI void e_ilist_select_set (Evas_Object *obj, int n);
-EAPI int e_ilist_select_get (Evas_Object *obj);
-EAPI void *e_ilist_select_data_get (Evas_Object *obj);
-EAPI void *e_ilist_select_data2_get (Evas_Object *obj);
+EAPI void e_ilist_selected_set (Evas_Object *obj, int n);
+EAPI int e_ilist_selected_get (Evas_Object *obj);
+EAPI const char *e_ilist_selected_label_get (Evas_Object *obj);
+EAPI void *e_ilist_selected_data_get (Evas_Object *obj);
+EAPI void *e_ilist_selected_data2_get (Evas_Object *obj);
EAPI void e_ilist_selected_geometry_get (Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Coord *x, Evas_Coord *y, Evas_Coord *w, Evas_Coord *h);
EAPI void e_ilist_min_size_get (Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Coord *w, Evas_Coord *h);
EAPI void e_ilist_selector_set (Evas_Object *obj, int selector);
EAPI int e_ilist_selector_get (Evas_Object *obj);
+EAPI void e_ilist_remove_num (Evas_Object *obj, int n);
+EAPI void e_ilist_remove_label (Evas_Object *obj, char *label);