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1Release 0.19.4:
4Carsten Haitzler (5):
5 maximization bug affecting libreoffice and others - fix
6 e - client list update after adding to client list - fix netwm bug
7 efm - make dir listing far faster - no file magic content and dont sync
8 e - menus - fix autoscroll on zones not at 0 y...
9 e - menus - fix submenu popup direction when zones are not at 0 y
11Chidambar Zinnoury (1):
12 e backlight: use saner default values.
14Dmitry Luhtionov (1):
15 cpufreq: freebsd fixes
17Mike Blumenkrantz (21):
18 continue to hide window input regions on desk flip if they are shaded
19 ensure no duplicate XDG paths are prepended during startup
20 check for eldbus instead of edbus in device backend libs
21 block linear desk flips that would wrap if desk flip wrapping is disabled
22 use direct path for setting icons in util theme set function when icon is a path
23 don't send unfocused signal to override clients
24 escape notification popup text...always
25 fix crashing when changing desklock settings and using pin/personal auth
26 clamp client size to screen when client limit policy does not allow offscreen
27 rename extremely frustratingly-named E_Screen_Limits enum and members
28 do not reapply focus on canvas object ungrab/close for pointer-focus enthusiasts
29 remove unnecessary icon setting and fix sizing in edgebindings
30 fix dialog sizing when icon setting fails
31 set default text for edgebindings caption when no bindings exist
32 fix appindicator icon loading when using IconThemePath key
33 don't clamp bgpreview vsize if bgpreview is a fullscreen overlay
34 fix border frame color classes to be configured as solids, not text
35 remove wayland-only support
37Vincent Torri (1):
38 add MIN define for non-linux systems
1Release 0.19.3: 41Release 0.19.3:
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