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1Release 0.21.5:
3Carsten Haitzler (1):
4 e_util_defer_object_del - ensure order of deferred deletions are right
6Christopher Michael (1):
7 remove unused variables in e_comp_wl
9Derek Foreman (5):
10 Fix keyboard tracking when leaving an xdg shell window
11 Fix crash when exiting an xdg shell application
12 More aggressively prune keyboard focus list
13 Stop sending key up/down events on focus change under wayland
14 test dmabuf pixmaps properly
16Mike Blumenkrantz (10):
17 handle xdg-shell maximize/unmaximize calls correctly
18 stack subsurfaces above their parents upon creation
19 use more accurate determination for applying xdg-shell (un)maximize operations
20 do not pop pointer types on client hide events if the client is pass_events
21 set wl pointer surfaces to E_LAYER_CLIENT_PRIO during setup
22 attempt to re-set wl surface pointer when popping back to "default" pointer type
23 fix internal wl windows to exit when border X is clicked
24 use better check for getting wl surface alpha from cursor pixmaps
25 revert all sizing commits to ibar/ibox for the past year
26 maintain "empty" object's size hints when ibar/ibox resizes
1Release 0.21.4: 28Release 0.21.4:
2--------------------- 29---------------------
3Al Poole (1): 30Al Poole (1):