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1Release 0.21.2:
3Carsten Haitzler (6):
4 e - fix dnd problems coming from getting top object in comp canvas
5 e ibar/ibox port to elm box - fix assumption on resize
6 e temp module - kill tempget process not terminate to ensure death
7 e ibar - fix devilhorns fix to use the right widght and hight for separator
8 e comp - set alpha after setting native surface to avoid random crash
9 e ipc - fix cleanup of ipc socket on shutdown
11Chidambar Zinnoury (3):
12 e: Don’t show two consecutive menu separators if there is no need in client menu.
13 e fm: Add a separator only if there is something before.
14 e fm: Don’t check every other line whether the location is writable when creating menu.
16Christopher Michael (6):
17 remove unused variables from _ibar_resize_handle
18 use proper variables to set size_hint_max on ibar
19 e ibar - fix "old man" fat finger typo ;)
20 remove need to create different dialog windows under wayland
21 wl_fb: Check that e_comp_wl_init does not fail.
22 add key_up and key_down methods to sreen interface
24Derek Foreman (2):
25 Fix wayland clients not deleting when they're hidden
26 Fix wayland extension global creation
28Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ (1):
29 bg: Fix bg with single jpeg images (no edj)
31JengHyun Kang (1):
32 e_comp_wl: break from meaningless loop
34Marcel Hollerbach (4):
35 e_comp_wl: destroy e_drag when source disappears
36 e_alert: define EFL_BETA_API_SUPPORT before any include
37 e_dnd: move the ungrab to the object free
38 xwayland: show the dialog after ecore_wl2 is in sync
40Massimo Maiurana (2):
41 Updating italian and spanish translations
42 Updating italian translation
44Mike Blumenkrantz (9):
45 only check x11 configurerequest geometry changes when applicable
46 improve quickaccess relaunch help dialog text
47 move new version of e_comp_top_window_at_xy_get() to dnd, restore old version
48 clear wl subsurface data during delete only if subsurface is not also deleted
49 add xwayland compat for efl 1.19+
50 bump efl wayland req to 1.18 now that it's out
51 Revert "track/manage size hints for zoomap child objects"
52 track current bryce geom, force recalc on gadget site upon change
53 clean up some string leaks in wireless gadget popups
55Romain Naour (1):
56 E: include uuid.h only when Wayland support is enabled.
58Simon Lees (1):
59 README.wayland --enable-elput is required for building wayland efl
61Stefan Schmidt (1):
62 mailmap: sync updated file from efl repo
1Release 0.21.1: 64Release 0.21.1:
2--------------------- 65---------------------
3Al Poole (1): 66Al Poole (1):