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1Release 0.21.3:
3Carsten Haitzler (4):
4 update e po files
5 e exec - fix exec of enlightenment_open to use actual e prefix
6 explicitly use eina list types passing into EINA_LIST_FREE()
8Cedric BAIL (1):
9 fix text preview to use eina_strbuf_append_length that doesn't call strlen and crash.
11Christopher Michael (3):
12 Remove unused variables from ibar_resize_handle function
13 add missing EINA_UNUSED for function parameter
14 Update wayland readme file
16Derek Foreman (6):
17 Don't send keyboard leave events to unfocused clients
18 Fix error print when wl_wl fails to start
19 Fix xwayland binary location detection
20 Don't kill self during shutdown
21 NULL out xwayland fd handlers after deleting them
23Flavio Ceolin (1):
24 emix: when in alsa mode only operate on master
26Marcel Hollerbach (7):
27 ibar: try to get a better min size
28 tiling: place popup on the current active zone
29 tiling: be more accurate on the description
30 mixer: introduce Barrier checks
31 mixer: introduce emix_max_volume_get
32 ibar: multiply size with scale
33 mixer: lock up the slider for the case a drag is in progress
35Massimo Maiurana (1):
36 Updating slovenian translation
38Mike Blumenkrantz (34):
39 use stringshare_add() for evry files plugin mime types
40 another case of stringshare misuse re:efreet_mime_type_get()
41 ignore xwl clients when flagging wl surfaces as internal
42 add event handler for evry event type, not #define value
43 do not attempt to populate gadgets during type_add if site has not yet been populated
44 add docs for E_Comp struct members
45 move 'unmaximize' smart callback to after geom calc in client_unmaximize
46 use comp canvas win by default for any drop handler with an E_Object
47 handle e_comp deref during e_dnd shutdown to avoid crash
48 always use compositor object stacking when performing internal drags
49 clamp bryces to a lower canvas layer
50 use same layer in bryce editor for "above window" setting
51 set gadget added flag any time a gadget is created or wizarded
52 add separate codepath for handling layout of moving gadgets
53 force smart calc on gadget sites at key points during move operations
54 attempt to retain gadget size when executing move operations
55 adjust gadget drop coords for pointer offset
56 check visibility of gadget site 'events' member to determine drop availability
57 add backspace/delete for clearing all lockscreen gadgets
58 always use largest available size for free-oriented gadgets
59 add gadget doc note for gadget_destroyed callback re:object lifetimes
60 force bgpreview widget to resize after a wallpaper update
61 always delete gadget's display object and ensure gadget object is null
62 do not update bryce layer when restacking to a higher layer than CLIENT_ABOVE
63 remove extraneous recalc trigger when deleting a gadget
64 do not consume key events in comp autoclose key callback if desklock is active
65 add e_util_open(), unify all callers of enlightenment_open
66 remove (wrong) setting of layer for time's clock gadget popup
67 do not show wireless gadget popups if desklock is active
68 force shape queue when gadget util ctxpopups change visibility
69 print object type in shape debug if name does not exist
70 clamp gadget util ctxpopups to E_LAYER_POPUP at the lowest
71 handle "unmaximize" smart callback differently depending on fullscreen state
72 force zone useful geometry recalc on desk flip if prev/next desk has obstacles
74Romain Naour (2):
75 wayland only build fix
76 e_xkb: add guard around skip_new_keyboard
78Simon Lees (3):
81YeongJong Lee (1):
82 fix korean translation mismatch
1Release 0.21.2: 84Release 0.21.2:
2--------------------- 85---------------------
3Carsten Haitzler (6): 86Carsten Haitzler (6):