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1Release 0.21.6:
3Andreas Metzler (1):
4 10_typo_restore_LDFLAGS.diff: Fix typo in (upstream), causing empty LDFLAGS.
6Carsten Haitzler (8):
7 tasks - calculate min width properly given a known height of a gadget
8 efm - warning - change invalid #if toe #ifdef as this is right
9 efm - fix ifs to be ifdef as they should be
10 e bindings - fix warnings about possible use of undefined var
11 appmenu - make appmenu work with click+release and not hide on focus out
12 ibar - fix seg with ibar icon task menus are up while desktop files change
13 e - wl mode - stop consuming 100 percent cpu
14 e dialog - fix unreszable dialogs to not be 1x1
16Christopher Michael (2):
17 Use proper coordinate adjustment
18 re-enable getting and setting output rotations in wl_drm
20Derek Foreman (3):
21 Fix wayland frame callback times
22 Use a monotonic clock for frame callback times
23 Stop sending wayland motion events when the mouse is grabbed
25Mike Blumenkrantz (11):
26 null out animator pointers in efx stop() operations
27 correctly set E_POINTER_RESIZE_BR mode for client keyboard resizing
28 plug iterator leak in e_comp_object_render()
29 remove extra SLEEP prints during startup on non-release builds
30 free configs for demo gadgets on object free
31 do not perform frame coord adjustments for re_manage wayland clients
32 use persistent clipping for comp object input rects
33 ensure that gadget internal del callbacks are handled before other callbacks
34 handle pixmap_refresh() failure cases more accurately under wayland
35 reset demo gadget id before deleting gadget object during drop operation
36 add conditional updates for latest efl apis
38Stephen 'Okra' Houston (2):
39 Enlightenment: Make gadget editor popup scrollable:
40 Enlightenment: Wireless gadget - place the ctxpopup after the size hints are set, not before
1Release 0.21.5: 43Release 0.21.5:
2--------------------- 44---------------------
3Carsten Haitzler (1): 45Carsten Haitzler (1):