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+Release 0.22.4:
+Alastair Poole (1):
+ AUTHORS: use netstar's real name.
+ e_ckpasswd_main: Fix build on OpenBSD.
+Carsten Haitzler (17):
+ e menus - when filtering for exe handle quotes, escapes etc.
+ e mouse bindings - fix wheel conflict check to check only dir 0
+ edge flip while dragging with alt - fix to work again
+ efm - fill in some media icon blanks which lead to generic icons
+ startup - fix management of timer pointer for startup timeout
+ efm - dont add null icons to list ... fixes segv
+ e pan/scrollframe - fix garbage pan values that happen temporarily
+ e thumb - be consistent and use safe run for restarting thumbnailer
+ compile again after efl change interface names...
+ input method conf dialog - fix filtering of imc's to search path
+ meson - fix dir_sysconf to be under the prefix as it was not
+ emxier desktop - fix categories to match well known cat names
+ mixer - fix exe handler del and handle to stop crashes after mixer run
+ e randr - fix crash when no zones found
+ e randr screen setup - fix disabling of scale checkbox
+ e wl - fix e pixmap tracking to remove from both aliases and pixmaps
+ e pixmap - follow on from previous commit to finally fix pixmap tracking
+Christopher Michael (2):
+ conf_randr: Use eina_stringshare_replace
+ enlightenment: Ensure we have a valid menu comp object before calling
+Daniel Zaoui (1):
+ Battery: fix the battery status when some battery devices are not valid
+Derek Foreman (5):
+ Remove useless pixels_dirty_set from mirror_pixels_get
+ Move alpha set for mirrors out of pixels_get callback
+ Fix single frame broken render on wayland client opaque region change
+ Fix recent typo in mirror object alpha setting
+ compile against stable EFL again
+Massimo Maiurana (1):
+ Updating all po files
+Mike Blumenkrantz (3):
+ update arcconfig key:values for new phabricator api
+ move config/ to data/config/
+ avoid adding render updates for deleted clients after animation completes
Release 0.22.3:
Carsten Haitzler (5):