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1Changes since 0.18.5:
4* wl_desktop_shell builds out of source tree
5* get entry width based on viewport size, not entry size
6* fix hiding of windows when delete is requested
7* don't deref teamwork pointer after null check
8* don't deref possibly-null value in mouse bindings
9* correctly calculate minimum flowlayout rows
10* efm_op no longer tries to close invalid fds during delete ops
11* don't use external log domain in systray
12* don't use external log domain in music player
13* don't crash when saving screenshots with no file extension
14* don't crash on possibly-null gadman bg string extensions
15* check for unicode string end in client menu
16* don't crash when passing NULL desk to e_border_under_pointer_get
17* set connman pending.disconnect when disconnecting a service
18* don't iterate with or access freed pointer in comp match dialog
19* ensure use of non-garbage values for menu item icon placeholders
20* use more descriptive + accurate buffer size in batget iterator
21* prevent out of bounds access in systray theme setup
22* prevent out of bounds write in e_intl_locale_parts_get()
23* ensure null termination of string in xsettings config
24* dim/undim actions don't require acpi triggers
1Changes since 0.18.4: 27Changes since 0.18.4:
2--------------------- 28---------------------
3 29