AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-25By default, set buffer size to 0 on creation.devs/devilhorns/e_waylandChris Michael
2013-07-25Tell ecore_wayland to run in "server mode" so we do not stall duringChris Michael
2013-07-16Update desktop shell for recent Wayland 1.2 changes (wl_global,Chris Michael
2013-07-16Update e_output for recent Wayland 1.2 changesChris Michael
2013-07-16Update e_input for recent Wayland 1.2 changes:Chris Michael
2013-07-16Update e_wayland for recent Wayland 1.2 changesChris Michael
2013-06-25Update shell for recent wl_resource and wl_client changesChris Michael
2013-06-25Update e_wayland for recent wl_resource and wl_client changesChris Michael
2013-06-24Update e_wayland to use our own E_Buffer structureChris Michael
2013-06-24Implement our own E_Buffer structure.Chris Michael
2013-06-24Update for recent changes in wayland core protocolChris Michael
2013-06-24Update e_wayland surface and renderer for changes in wayland protocol.Chris Michael
2013-06-18More work to get elm apps working properlyChris Michael
2013-06-18Shell work for elm appsChris Michael
2013-06-18Big giant push to get elm apps working properlyChris Michael
2013-06-14Just grab the return window directly from e_canvas.Chris Michael
2013-06-14More fixes to try and get menus to function properlyChris Michael
2013-06-14Fix pointer grab fields.Chris Michael
2013-06-14Shell work to get popup menus functionalChris Michael
2013-06-14Add pointer_grab_start and end functionsChris Michael
2013-06-13Start on getting menus to show.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Use E_Input for popup seat.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Send mouse move and mouse up/down events.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Handle passing along pointer button eventsChris Michael
2013-06-13Add grab fields to pointer structureChris Michael
2013-06-13Remove mouse_move_send functionChris Michael
2013-06-13Add e_order to build order.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Comment out unused variableChris Michael
2013-06-13Initialize variables.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Start to process mouse down & up events ... Prelude to working menus ;)Chris Michael
2013-06-13Add event handler for mouse_move (from X) so we can pass this along toChris Michael
2013-06-13Set surface's resource client to NULL initiallyChris Michael
2013-06-13Don't init e_scale and e_theme until we have our interfaces boundChris Michael
2013-06-13More work on getting input to functionChris Michael
2013-06-13Add function to find a surface based on x/yChris Michael
2013-06-13Intialize input on the compositorChris Michael
2013-06-13Add a seat to the compositor for inputChris Michael
2013-06-13Add e_input filesChris Michael
2013-06-13Add e_input to build order.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Add e_input to includesChris Michael
2013-06-13Setup data_device for compositor.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Destroy the renderer on output creation failure.Chris Michael
2013-06-13Add renderer destroy functionChris Michael
2013-06-11if we have already loaded the comp module, get out.Chris Michael
2013-06-11Better trapping for already loaded comp module.Chris Michael
2013-06-11Remove debug messages.Chris Michael
2013-06-11Big giant "e18-wayland-only starting to work" commit so I can continueChris Michael
2013-06-11Remove unused code.Chris Michael
2013-06-11Remove unused fields from output structureChris Michael
2013-06-11Assign an output to a surface when we map itChris Michael