AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-12-29Remove unused function proto & functionChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove the function too, it's not usedChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove unused variables & unused function protoChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Fix implicit declaration warnings. Remove unused function protosChristopher Michael
2005-12-29No C++ comments in C code. Sorry KainX :)Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Comment out unused function protoChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Fix returns with no valueChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove unused variablesChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove unused variables. Fix reuse of a variable and various warningsChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove unused variablesChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Export hilight callbackChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove unused variablesChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Fix no return in function returning non-void. Remove unused variablesChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Comment out unused function protoChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Export e_entry_unfocus, not e_entry_focus twice :)Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Many compiler warning clean-upsChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Export e_icon_canvas_reset function as e_fileman_smart.c needs itChristopher Michael
2005-12-29Export the e_icon_canvas_xy_freeze & e_icon_canvas_xy_thaw as e_fileman_smart...Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Export the e_border_unmaximize_vh as e_actions.c and e_int_border_menu.c are ...Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove unused variables to quiet compiler warnings.Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Add parens around truth value to quiet compiler warnings.Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Remove unused variables, Add E_GADMAN_CHANGE_EDGE & E_GADMAN_CHANGE_ZONE to e...Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Add parens in e_border_maximize and add E_MAXIMIZE_VERTICAL & E_MAXIMIZE_HORI...Christopher Michael
2005-12-29Moved unused variable (int i) to the comment block where it should beChristopher Michael
2005-12-28Attempt some order to the chaos that is Configuration PanelChristopher Michael
2005-12-28Add minor e_widget_slider bugChristopher Michael
2005-12-28*** empty log message ***maiurana
2005-12-28Remove module config dialogue bugChristopher Michael
2005-12-28Redesign Modules Configuration Dialogue.Christopher Michael
2005-12-28Fix remove by labelChristopher Michael
2005-12-28don't call the callback on buttons that are disabled. this prevents some segf...rephorm
2005-12-27Fix e_ilist compile warningChristopher Michael
2005-12-27Fix remove by labelChristopher Michael
2005-12-27Confirmed. This is a bug now.Christopher Michael
2005-12-27Add About to Advanced module dialogueChristopher Michael
2005-12-27Remove module dialog bug as load/unload works. Please resync your tree if you...Christopher Michael
2005-12-27Disabled Advanced in BG settings until we have something for itChristopher Michael
2005-12-27make symbol hiding actually work - fix some bugs, fixme's adjust bugs andCarsten Haitzler
2005-12-25Remove unused variableChristopher Michael
2005-12-25Minor fix for Default theme not being selected in the menu on first runChristopher Michael
2005-12-25Destroy list when finishedChristopher Michael
2005-12-24Remove unused protos. CleanupsChristopher Michael
2005-12-24Remove unused protoChristopher Michael
2005-12-24Oops...Use correct list variableChristopher Michael
2005-12-23Removed unused typedefChristopher Michael
2005-12-23* Fix the theme of the disabled button when it's scaledmoom16
2005-12-22Make module config dialogue resizeableChristopher Michael
2005-12-22Fix Close ButtonChristopher Michael
2005-12-22Rewrite e_int_config_modules.c.Christopher Michael