AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-29rc3v0.19.0-rc3Mike Blumenkrantz
2014-08-29require efl 1.11Mike Blumenkrantz
2014-08-28set X pixmap size on client initMike Blumenkrantz
2014-08-28fix dnd compiler warnings when building for wayland-onlyChris Michael
2014-08-28fixed backlight compiler warnings when building for wayland-onlyChris Michael
2014-08-28fix e_screensaver_update compiler warnings when building forChris Michael
2014-08-28fix unused variable if building for wayland-onlyChris Michael
2014-08-28remove call to show pointer during canvas_new functionChris Michael
2014-08-28destroy pointer when destroying window since we create new pointersChris Michael
2014-08-28add fixme noteChris Michael
2014-08-28Tiling: Respect min size hints (set to floating if doesn't fit).Tom Hacohen
2014-08-28fix pointer for stupid X11...but this breaks pointers in wayland (forChris Michael
2014-08-28create window pointer based on compositor typeChris Michael
2014-08-28fix X compositor to use e_pointer_window_newChris Michael
2014-08-28add back 'pixels' field structure for pointerChris Michael
2014-08-27Check whether attached buffer exists, before using it.MinJeong Kim
2014-08-27add missing 'pragma GCC diagnostic push'Jérémy Zurcher
2014-08-26use a new e_pointer for the window canvasChris Michael
2014-08-26be sure to send the wl_data_device_send_enter when changing surfaceChris Michael
2014-08-26trap return value of shm_buffer_getChris Michael
2014-08-26Add checks for client being a wl pixmap in some functionsChris Michael
2014-08-26fix dereference of incomplete pointer typeChris Michael
2014-08-26Fix formattingChris Michael
2014-08-26wl-x11: Declare keyboard strings as NULL (initially) to avoid crashChris Michael
2014-08-26move wl client_resize protocol calls to idlerMike Blumenkrantz
2014-08-26automatically enable pointer and keyboard for wayland-in-XMike Blumenkrantz
2014-08-26reuse existing render post callback for wayland clientsMike Blumenkrantz
2014-08-26Fix elm apps crashing from invalid e_rememberChris Michael
2014-08-26Fix inproper setting of window type during transient_set.Chris Michael
2014-08-26Reduce usage of EC_CHANGED.Chris Michael
2014-08-26reorder client idler and stacking functions so we can call them afterChris Michael
2014-08-26Reduce potential of unnecessary function calls:Chris Michael
2014-08-26Simplify both transient_set functions (wl_shell and xdg_shell).Chris Michael
2014-08-26Remove NULL checks for valid client->comp_data ... let the crashing begin !!Chris Michael
2014-08-26Add ERR messages for EINTERN & EAPI functions.Chris Michael
2014-08-26Add error messages in EINTERN & EAPI functions.Chris Michael
2014-08-26Remove unwanted NULL check in internal functionMinJeong Kim
2014-08-26clear parent's list of transients, when set parent to NULL.Seunghun Lee
2014-08-26wl-desktop-shell: Avoid runtime ERR noise for something that is notChris Michael
2014-08-26Fix building Enlightenment for X11-only, Wayland-Only, and X11 with Wayland c...Mike Blumenkrantz
2014-08-26handle setting any pending opaque regions during surface commit andChris Michael
2014-08-26fix return variable type from e_pixmap_window_get functionChris Michael
2014-08-26change client transient_for id to uint64_tChris Michael
2014-08-26wl_drm: Add short block to mark setup for drm egl renderingChris Michael
2014-08-26Add simple clipboard based on wayland protocolMinJeong Kim
2014-08-26Implement wayland subsurface support based on E_Client.Seunghun Lee
2014-08-26Add missing wl_resource_destroyGwanglim Lee
2014-08-26Don't run xrdb or xmodmap when we are wayland onlyChris Michael
2014-08-26move the part of code for fetch transient_for in eval time to _e_shell_surfac...Seunghun Lee
2014-08-26remove EINA_UNUSED in move and resize callbacksGwanglim Lee