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2016-10-0721.3 NEWS Updatesv0.21.3Simon Lees
2016-10-0721.3 ReleaseSimon Lees
2016-10-04force zone useful geometry recalc on desk flip if prev/next desk has obstaclesMike Blumenkrantz
ensure that this gets calculated accurately any time it's applicable
2016-10-04handle "unmaximize" smart callback differently depending on fullscreen stateMike Blumenkrantz
this is a bit hacky, but it seems to provide accurate results to fix more maximize bugs ref c29157189f9e493a7a9b16739147ca22dced80d5
2016-10-04explicitly use eina list types passing into EINA_LIST_FREE()Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-10-04clamp gadget util ctxpopups to E_LAYER_POPUP at the lowestMike Blumenkrantz
avoid having these be obscured by windows when the gadget is on a lower layer
2016-10-04print object type in shape debug if name does not existMike Blumenkrantz
2016-10-04force shape queue when gadget util ctxpopups change visibilityMike Blumenkrantz
fixes some input region issues in x11
2016-10-04do not show wireless gadget popups if desklock is activeMike Blumenkrantz
this gadget may be allowed on lockscreen, but configuration should be disabled
2016-10-04remove (wrong) setting of layer for time's clock gadget popupMike Blumenkrantz
e_gadget_util_ctxpopup_place() already handles this correctly
2016-10-04add e_util_open(), unify all callers of enlightenment_openMike Blumenkrantz
ref adbba1042b6cf4a17e34d2fa22157ab7e838fcfa
2016-10-04do not consume key events in comp autoclose key callback if desklock is activeMike Blumenkrantz
fix T4655
2016-10-04po - upateCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-10-04e exec - fix exec of enlightenment_open to use actual e prefixCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
so this code path was using the COMPILED IN prefix like broken old-school unix apps that cannopt be relocated. efl and e have runtime prefix detection so use it properly. stop doing things the broken way just because people have written broken code for 30+ years and continue to. we don't do that in e/efl land. @fix
2016-10-04Add myself to the AUTHORS fileDerek Foreman
2016-10-04NULL out xwayland fd handlers after deleting themDerek Foreman
This fixes a valgrind error that can happen when we accidentally free these again later because they still had non-NULL values.
2016-10-04Don't kill self during shutdownDerek Foreman
When Xwayland is running we end up with a client with the same pid as the compositor in the client list. We need to avoid killing that client, as it will interrupt the proper shutdown procedure. fix T4439
2016-10-04Updating slovenian translationmaxerba
2016-10-04Fix xwayland binary location detectionDerek Foreman
We were trying to find it with pkg-config and failing, try AC_PATH_PROG instead
2016-10-04Update wayland readme fileChris Michael
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2016-10-04remove extraneous recalc trigger when deleting a gadgetMike Blumenkrantz
CID 1362898
2016-10-04do not update bryce layer when restacking to a higher layer than CLIENT_ABOVEMike Blumenkrantz
2016-10-04always delete gadget's display object and ensure gadget object is nullMike Blumenkrantz
fixes some object errors during container deletion
2016-10-04fix text preview to use eina_strbuf_append_length that doesn't call strlen ↵Cedric BAIL
and crash.
2016-10-04force bgpreview widget to resize after a wallpaper updateMike Blumenkrantz
ref be1b11ca28dbaeaaab4fd8f308ec31029d104397 fix T4632
2016-10-04add gadget doc note for gadget_destroyed callback re:object lifetimesMike Blumenkrantz
2016-10-04always use largest available size for free-oriented gadgetsMike Blumenkrantz
ensure that gadgets don't unexpectedly clamp to minimum size
2016-10-04add backspace/delete for clearing all lockscreen gadgetsMike Blumenkrantz
this was turning into a total wasteland
2016-10-04check visibility of gadget site 'events' member to determine drop availabilityMike Blumenkrantz
the layout object of a gadget site does not need to be visible since it may be used for desktop gadgets or a transparent overlay
2016-10-04adjust gadget drop coords for pointer offsetMike Blumenkrantz
gadgets are centered on the pointer when moved, so the drop coord needs to then be uncentered to avoid unintended movement
2016-10-04attempt to retain gadget size when executing move operationsMike Blumenkrantz
2016-10-04force smart calc on gadget sites at key points during move operationsMike Blumenkrantz
ensure that gadget info and visuals match up
2016-10-04add separate codepath for handling layout of moving gadgetsMike Blumenkrantz
these get sized and positioned in a passthrough manner, so avoid doing any calc
2016-10-04set gadget added flag any time a gadget is created or wizardedMike Blumenkrantz
ensure that desktop gadget editor doesn't exit when attempting to add subsequent gadgets
2016-10-04use same layer in bryce editor for "above window" settingMike Blumenkrantz
2016-10-04clamp bryces to a lower canvas layerMike Blumenkrantz
note to self: if you remember why you had these at POPUP, annotate the reason here...
2016-10-04fix korean translation mismatchYeongJong Lee
Summary: other 'edge' is translated into '가장자리'. but this one is translated into '테두리' Test Plan: Open Settings Panel - Input - Edge Bindings - Add Select Left Edge Reviewers: zmike!, Hermet Reviewed By: Hermet Subscribers: cedric, conr2d Differential Revision:
2016-10-04always use compositor object stacking when performing internal dragsMike Blumenkrantz
attempting to use a client window for any internal drag operation will always yield wrong results and broken behavior ref 1a982fd72afc0aebaea5fd10f9acd08841291d60
2016-10-04handle e_comp deref during e_dnd shutdown to avoid crashMike Blumenkrantz
2016-10-04use comp canvas win by default for any drop handler with an E_ObjectMike Blumenkrantz
this is always going to be the case anyway
2016-10-04move 'unmaximize' smart callback to after geom calc in client_unmaximizeMike Blumenkrantz
fixes some cases where geometry wouldn't be accurately calculated, such as when fullscreening a flash video in a browser
2016-10-04mixer: lock up the slider for the case a drag is in progressMarcel Hollerbach
if you click on the slider in the gadget the slider jumps a back to the old volume and then to the new volume, this is because a pulseaudio update is sent while the last changed event was called, but not the drag_stop callback.
2016-10-04Fix error print when wl_wl fails to startDerek Foreman
Probably copypastad from wl_drm, very confusing.
2016-10-04More mailmappingSimon Lees (SUSE)
2016-10-04I should probably be in the Authors listSimon Lees (SUSE)
2016-10-04Also set QT_STYLE_OVERRIDESimon Lees (SUSE)
Qt 5.7 has introduced an extra enviornment var for getting Qt/KDE apps to follow gtk theming so we will export that alongside the one that we already support. Thanks to AJSlye for finding reporting and figuring this out.
2016-10-04ibar: multiply size with scaleMarcel Hollerbach
This fixes T4544.
2016-10-04add docs for E_Comp struct membersMike Blumenkrantz
2016-10-04do not attempt to populate gadgets during type_add if site has not yet been ↵Mike Blumenkrantz
populated mostly just fixes some ERRs on init
2016-10-04add event handler for evry event type, not #define valueMike Blumenkrantz
fix T4007