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2016-08-19README.wayland --enable-elput is required for building wayland eflSimon Lees
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2016-05-23update README.wayland to include xwayland crash bugMike Blumenkrantz
2016-05-16e start - no it doesny need dbus-launchCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
no. perhaps you should see the execvp("dbus-launch", dbus_argv); code that auto re-launches using dbus-launch if a dbus session bus etc. is not "found" (env vars). if your issue is that its mis-detecting the fix the detection, but this coe went into e_start like a decade ago or so... and it's worked every since in x11 mode and gave us a dbus session. it SHOULD work for wayland too. don't make instructions change and become more complex if not absoultely needed. :)
2016-05-09update README.wayland to include dbus-launchMike Blumenkrantz
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2015-11-04remove note about window close crashingMike Blumenkrantz
fixed courtesy of the majestic compiler #warning for shm buffers
2015-10-21add hacks to work around pulseaudio+xwayland integration deadlocksMike Blumenkrantz
enlightenment is (I think) the first wayland compositor to run with in-process pulseaudio integration for audio playback and not just mixer support. hooray. this results in a fun issue: if DISPLAY is set, as it must be for x11 clients to function, pulseaudio will unconditionally attempt to use a blocking socket connection to create a connection to the running xserver. the only exception here is if x11 support has been compiled out of pulseaudio, but probably no distro will do that ever. so, what happens when the compositor thread tries to create a socket connection to the xserver that the compositor thread has not yet started? absolutely nothing. forever. the easiest solution which continues to provide the key press sounds that everyone loves is to ensure that the pulseaudio connection is created before DISPLAY is ever set, namely in the xwayland module init. this will now occur automatically now in the case when the mixer module detects pulseaudio support. TL;DR: don't disable mixer module if you use xwayland Notes: TIL mutter apparently does this too but doesn't deadlock
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2015-08-10README.Wayland: Update to latest configure options and mention xwaylandStefan Schmidt
Many of them have been out of date. Remove what is no longer needed and mention XWayland.
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2014-03-27Added a '--disable-wl-x11' to avoid build break since wl-x11 module has a ↵Gwanglim Lee
dependency to ECORE_X_EVENT_XKB_STATE_NOTIFY Summary: Resolved a build break when building e with wayland only options Test Plan: building e with wayland only options Reviewers: raster, devilhorns Reviewed By: devilhorns CC: cedric Differential Revision:
2014-03-18Add a README for Wayland-only supportChris Michael
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