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2005-10-29a scrollview smart plus gfx for it.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 18103
2005-10-29- add list view for iconcodewarrior
SVN revision: 18101
2005-10-28cpp on OS X sucks at handling whitespace in macros.rbdpngn
SVN revision: 18068
2005-10-27- remove old imagescodewarrior
SVN revision: 18033
2005-10-27forgot this imagecodewarrior
SVN revision: 18031
2005-10-27- add file selector themecodewarrior
SVN revision: 18030
SVN revision: 17985
2005-10-24add new fileman images to EXTRA_DISTquan74
SVN revision: 17873
2005-10-23- new menu entry (new folder, needs actual code to create)codewarrior
- place holder icons. should solve this soon. SVN revision: 17811
2005-10-23- Add some default input method configurations use 'enlightenment_imc' to lookstffrdhrn
at and edit these files - Change the input method path, intl means something else SVN revision: 17789
2005-10-16fine-tune layoutCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17605
2005-10-16fine-tune layoutCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17604
2005-10-16config dialogs now can enable/disable widgets and dialog buttons. ok andCarsten Haitzler
apply are disabeld until a change is made - then they get enabled until u apply (or ok) then they disable again until u change things again etc. SVN revision: 17598
2005-10-16config dialogs now can enable/disable widgets and dialog buttons. ok andCarsten Haitzler
apply are disabeld until a change is made - then they get enabled until u apply (or ok) then they disable again until u change things again etc. SVN revision: 17597
2005-10-16add arrow image to EXTRA_DISTquan74
SVN revision: 17587
2005-10-15remove old test - not usable anymroe and add icons to advanced/basic buttonsCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17561
2005-10-14mouse events.codewarrior
SVN revision: 17539
2005-10-14less overly zealous spacing...Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17526
2005-10-13- Fix broken shadow on iconscodewarrior
- Remove less portable fields. SVN revision: 17506
2005-10-13More make dist additionsshadoi
SVN revision: 17500
2005-10-13Needed for make distshadoi
SVN revision: 17499
2005-10-13Add default_label.edc so make dist works againshadoi
SVN revision: 17498
2005-10-13add bg shadow to efm and remove hscrollbarcodewarrior
SVN revision: 17479
2005-10-12actually focus focusable widgets. label can be much simplerCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17470
2005-10-12add a tiny shadowcodewarrior
SVN revision: 17469
2005-10-12- Add label widget (futur work: ability to tie its focus to another widget)codewarrior
- Redo properties dialog in EFM to show more info and file permissions. (needs more work so it can do and apply things, and load permissions) SVN revision: 17468
2005-10-12- remove image thats not usedcodewarrior
- code in config subsystem which allows us to save window stat and anything else if needed. - add mime type system. for now you cant edit them and the only mime is hardcoded for testing. will add mime editor later on. SVN revision: 17465
2005-10-12and now all the internal widgets understand keyboard focus and control.Carsten Haitzler
dialog now uses internal widgets for buttons. SVN revision: 17464
2005-10-11working on more widgety stuffCarsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17438
2005-10-11tile the bg, dont scale it.codewarrior
SVN revision: 17434
2005-10-10and now i have a simple check and radio liust infrastructure to use to buildCarsten Haitzler
config dialogs... thats next phase... SVN revision: 17387
2005-10-10Added rubber band for multiselect. It draws, but doesnt select yet.codewarrior
SVN revision: 17385
2005-10-10Add multiple selections using control+click.codewarrior
SVN revision: 17384
2005-10-10started work on a quick & dirty widget infrastructure - designed ONLY forCarsten Haitzler
simple dialogs and ease of use. SVN revision: 17383
2005-10-10- Start working on selections.codewarrior
- Add ability to have different icon states when they are clicked or higlighted. SVN revision: 17381
2005-10-10fixe makefile to not have space after \Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17373
2005-10-10add efm themeage to EXTRA_DISTquan74
SVN revision: 17372
2005-10-10EFM - The E17 file manager and file browser smart object.codewarrior
*** BEFORE YOU USE *** This is alpha software and may cause E17 to crash, lockup, use 99% of your cpu, or even delete your files! I would advise using it in Xnest if you want to test or develop it. *** BEFORE YOU USE *** EFM can: - browse files and directories - generate thumbnails - launch executables - do some xdnd - monitor files and directories - delete and rename files EFM cant: - scroll - associate applications with files - purge its thumbnails (do it manually: ~/.e/e/fileman/thumbnails) - do a lot of things you'd expect it to do because its still in alpha stage Current TODO: - scrolling - we need a redraw function that will just re-arrange and not do the whole thing. for example, when we resize, we should just check the file offset and fill the empty space with icons - is the offset code working properly? i have a feeling we're displayin more icons that the visible space can take and they are being hidden. - emit all sorts of signals on double click, right click, single click... - aspect ratio on thumbnails. - add typebuffer like in evidence. - keyboard shortcuts for directory and file navigation. - multi select - allow for icon movement inside the canvas - add metadata system which allows us to save icon positions and will eventually allow us to have custom icon sizes, custom bgs per dir... - double check dir monitoring. note: when we are in a dir that is constantly changing, we cant keep calling redraw_new as it will kill us. - we need to fix the icon edc to allow us to have icon labels what will wrap on wrap=char - fix bugs SVN revision: 17370
2005-10-09engines can be default.sebastid
SVN revision: 17364
SVN revision: 17363
2005-10-09engine set.sebastid
SVN revision: 17362
2005-10-09Delete profile.sebastid
SVN revision: 17360
2005-10-07Make the min size smallersebastid
SVN revision: 17267
2005-10-06asparagus. and make distcheck passes again.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 17234
2005-10-04e_scrollbar smart. needs callbacks.codewarrior
SVN revision: 17150
2005-09-28Action list.sebastid
SVN revision: 17052
2005-09-28More completionsebastid
SVN revision: 17039
2005-09-27More completion.sebastid
SVN revision: 17007
2005-09-27More completionsebastid
SVN revision: 17002
SVN revision: 16996