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2005-09-20Fix supported atoms.sebastid
SVN revision: 16808
2005-06-06netwm syncsebastid
SVN revision: 15163
2005-06-041. Do we need to remember mouse down on all buttons?sebastid
2. Is there any problem with calling pointer_ungrab unconditionally? SVN revision: 15120
2005-06-03More netwmsebastid
SVN revision: 15103
SVN revision: 15087
2005-06-03_NET_WM_ICON, isn't finished.sebastid
SVN revision: 15079
2005-05-28ecore update.sebastid
netwm update. SVN revision: 14986
2005-05-23netwm update.sebastid
SVN revision: 14924
2005-05-20Sloppy focus.sebastid
SVN revision: 14875
2005-05-17Fixed looping code. Disappering windows when using always on top shouldsebastid
be fixed. SVN revision: 14813
2005-05-16netwm updates.sebastid
SVN revision: 14810
SVN revision: 14806