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2012-11-18updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana1-423/+313
SVN revision: 79432
2012-11-15updating russian and arabic translationsMassimo Maiurana1-691/+1134
SVN revision: 79353
2012-11-09ooh and set relname... so it isnt.. "relname" but some useful version.Carsten Haitzler1-21/+94
SVN revision: 79025
2012-11-05turn off access, physics and wp2 by default.Carsten Haitzler1-1028/+1171
SVN revision: 78927
2012-10-05e: merge in notification intlSebastian Dransfeld1-52/+126
SVN revision: 77530
2012-10-05e: add notification to poSebastian Dransfeld1-386/+556
SVN revision: 77529
2012-09-30e17: update po filesVincent Torri1-1254/+1434
SVN revision: 77222
2012-09-02po update :)Carsten Haitzler1-37/+37
SVN revision: 75938
2012-08-30and up ver to 1.7.99 now in svn. nack to svnrev num at end.Carsten Haitzler1-2217/+3115
SVN revision: 75869
2012-06-21e po: Updated poDaniel Juyung Seo1-70/+72
SVN revision: 72588
2012-06-20e po: Updated po files. Updated Korean translations.Daniel Juyung Seo1-602/+662
SVN revision: 72549
2012-05-30e_randr: Show "ask position" dialog, if ASK policy is used.Leif Middelschulte1-504/+743
SVN revision: 71566
2012-04-27update po'sCarsten Haitzler1-218/+223
SVN revision: 70513
2012-04-14Updated translations with pregenerated ones in fuzzy's and empty ↵Samuel F. Baggen1-141/+165
translations, those are not shipped with E because are marked as fuzzy, it is mostly very useful for translations to have a correct base where to work, because the wording is sometimes not perfect but the grammar and the equivalent translations are picked in teh mostly-better way. In short they have around at least a 70 % of accuracy, the old fuzzy ones has around a 90% of totally broken (or not-equivalent type of message) sentences. SVN revision: 70185
2012-04-14e po: Updated copyright year.Daniel Juyung Seo1-2/+2
SVN revision: 70182
2012-04-13reverting the translations due to a strange report by buildbotSamuel F. Baggen1-62/+52
SVN revision: 70175
2012-04-13ES translations: updated with pregenerated translations for the fuzzy (95% ↵Samuel F. Baggen1-52/+62
wrong) and empty ones SVN revision: 70174
2012-03-26update po'sCarsten Haitzler1-354/+485
SVN revision: 69624
2012-02-15update po'sCarsten Haitzler1-923/+971
SVN revision: 67952
2012-02-02updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana1-6/+8
SVN revision: 67689
2012-01-24updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana1-119/+120
SVN revision: 67503
2011-12-07updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana1-884/+780
SVN revision: 65991
2011-12-01update po'sCarsten Haitzler1-57/+57
SVN revision: 65770
2011-11-22update po'sCarsten Haitzler1-2731/+2770
SVN revision: 65505
2011-09-30updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana1-3266/+3452
SVN revision: 63736
2011-06-04pass make distcheck for evry - move the disparate evry module c filesCarsten Haitzler1-2683/+2715
into evry dir as the disparate module dirs are missing e_mod_main.c anyway ande can no longer build as stand alone modules anyway. SVN revision: 59939
2011-05-13updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana1-1507/+1481
SVN revision: 59371
2011-04-27updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana1-134/+133
SVN revision: 58976
2011-04-18updating arabic translationMassimo Maiurana1-1414/+1191
SVN revision: 58719
2011-03-30updating french translationsMassimo Maiurana1-1358/+1600
SVN revision: 58216
2011-02-25updating various translationsMassimo Maiurana1-2504/+2768
SVN revision: 57327
2011-02-06updating portuguese and arabic translationsMassimo Maiurana1-2105/+2132
SVN revision: 56752
2010-10-03adjust po'sCarsten Haitzler1-138/+142
SVN revision: 52991
2010-09-08Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi1-95/+95
Some misspellings were manually reverted since in E there are tons of .po with phrases in other languages. Other than that all the changes in the following files were reverted: * src/modules/illume/dicts/English_(US).dic * src/modules/illume-keyboard/dicts/English_(US).dic Following misspellings were fixed: acquited->acquitted adres->address adress->address alreayd->already aquire->acquire arbitarily->arbitrarily cant->can't Capetown->Cape carefull->careful causalities->casualties Celcius->Celsius certian->certain commandoes->commandos considerd->considered conveyer->conveyor dependant->dependent didnt->didn't discontentment->discontent doesnt->doesn't everytime->every exemple->example existance->existence existant->existent existince->existence Farenheit->Fahrenheit forbad->forbade funguses->fungi guage->gauge guerilla->guerrilla guerillas->guerrillas happend->happened hasnt->hasn't heros->heroes inbetween->between independant->independent inital->initial intrusted->entrusted irregardless->regardless isnt->isn't knifes->knives layed->laid loosing->losing marrage->marriage midwifes->midwives miniscule->minuscule monickers->monikers mroe->more noone->no one occured->occurred omre->more paralell->parallel payed->paid planed->planned quitted->quit quizes->quizzes seperated->separated seperate->separate shoudl->should similiar->similar simplier->simpler specifiying->specifying teh->the toke->took torpedos->torpedoes Tuscon->Tucson unecessary->unnecessary useage->usage usefull->useful useing->using waht->what wanna->want whith->with wich->which withing->within SVN revision: 52006
2010-09-05mmm distcheck passing is good mmkayCarsten Haitzler1-1896/+1986
SVN revision: 51905
2010-06-27Snapshot eCarsten Haitzler1-351/+351
SVN revision: 49897
2010-06-06Snapshot eCarsten Haitzler1-336/+349
SVN revision: 49502
2010-06-04change svnversion shell goop to nuke sed and just use tr to deleteCarsten Haitzler1-112/+127
unwanted goop. SVN revision: 49429
2010-05-31nopw svn revision works again.Carsten Haitzler1-294/+309
SVN revision: 49344
2010-05-29fix dnd from menu bug.Carsten Haitzler1-444/+473
SVN revision: 49302
2010-05-14gaaaaaaah. pass distcheck.Carsten Haitzler1-1667/+2350
SVN revision: 48862
2010-04-30fix dead file includesMike Blumenkrantz1-9/+9
SVN revision: 48485
2010-02-17seems po's need updates with src...Carsten Haitzler1-195/+193
SVN revision: 46232
2010-01-22fix distcheck!Carsten Haitzler1-914/+1044
SVN revision: 45426
2009-12-02asparagus - finallyCarsten Haitzler1-2199/+2029
SVN revision: 44113
2009-11-20Sync translation from launchpadAron Xu1-2074/+2270
SVN revision: 43812
2009-10-221. for some reason the po's needed a lot of updates - msgmerge thiks soCarsten Haitzler1-2212/+2088
2. use preload for icons a lot. SVN revision: 43191
2009-08-27Added Arabic translation.Aron Xu1-1577/+1050
SVN revision: 42036
2009-08-27sync translations from launchpad.Aron Xu1-3906/+2995
SVN revision: 42033
2009-07-29SNAPSHOT: svn-03Carsten Haitzler1-376/+467
SVN revision: 41532