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* use E_BITFIELD define for bitfield struct membersMike Blumenkrantz2017-11-071-1/+1
* enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from gitChris Michael2015-05-071-1/+1
* ensure that confirm dialogs call either the yes or no function when they are ...Mike Blumenkrantz2012-09-041-0/+1
* formattingMike Blumenkrantz2012-09-041-13/+13
* e17: whitespaces--Vincent Torri2012-06-211-2/+2
* FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi2010-08-041-3/+0
* confirm dialogs can now be deleted via e_object_del() callkiwi2007-04-301-2/+31
* Just some doxy fixes to make the sentence sound sane.Christopher Michael2007-01-141-2/+2
* 1 metric tonne of pooch.Carsten Haitzler2006-10-301-1/+1
* 1. The confirmation dialog on shelf delete is added. Somebody on IRC proposed...sndev2006-05-221-0/+24