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* fix wl_drm detection in e_mouse.cMike Blumenkrantz2017-02-241-21/+3
* port enlightenment to use drm2devs/devilhorns/ecore_drm2Chris Michael2016-05-271-1/+17
* Add functionality for setting left handed mode in drmJengHyun Kang2016-03-231-1/+15
* simplify e_mouse_update() code for x11 compositorsMike Blumenkrantz2015-12-161-29/+26
* enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from gitChris Michael2015-05-071-1/+1
* e_mouse: de-e_comp_get()ifyStefan Schmidt2015-01-231-2/+2
* enabling drm output module should NOT require X-less build.Mike Blumenkrantz2014-03-181-6/+10
* @bugfix: Fix building for WAYLAND_ONLY by using the proper defineChris Michael2014-03-181-0/+4
* formatting: all at onceMike Blumenkrantz2013-01-111-0/+1
* e17: whitespaces--Vincent Torri2012-06-211-1/+1
* E: Fix e_mouse initializing.Christopher Michael2012-04-161-3/+4
* fix left/right mouse config init.Carsten Haitzler2012-04-021-7/+22
* convert init/shutdown to EINTERN, move some to _update().Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri2010-11-221-1/+1
* FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi2010-08-041-3/+0
* illogict - patch. lefty mouse etc.Carsten Haitzler2008-09-201-4/+17
* Part 2 of Ravenlock's mouse acceleration patch. This adds a config dialogChristopher Michael2007-03-201-0/+15