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* use E_BITFIELD define for bitfield struct membersMike Blumenkrantz2017-11-071-1/+1
* enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from gitChris Michael2015-05-071-9/+9
* remove legacy e_sys handler callback system, redo sys action ordering, only b...Mike Blumenkrantz2014-05-261-6/+0
* fix some enum declsMike Blumenkrantz2014-03-041-3/+2
* add new events for suspend/hibernate/resumeMike Blumenkrantz2012-09-211-0/+4
* add hooks to override the old sys popup boxy things so comp can doCarsten Haitzler2012-09-011-0/+7
* e17: whitespaces--Vincent Torri2012-06-211-1/+1
* convert init/shutdown to EINTERN, move some to _update().Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri2010-11-221-2/+2
* FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi2010-08-041-3/+0
* * e: Remove all reference to Evas_Data and move to Eina_Bool.Cedric BAIL2009-06-171-1/+1
* make extra syscon actions able to be disabled.Carsten Haitzler2008-11-271-0/+1
* make extra actions work. use them from illume.Carsten Haitzler2008-11-261-0/+18
* add a halt_now that bypasses logoutCarsten Haitzler2008-07-081-0/+1
* main menu cleanups.Carsten Haitzler2006-09-091-0/+1
* lots of freaky stuff.Carsten Haitzler2006-09-031-0/+30