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2018-01-04clean up .desktop files and misc typosRoss Vandegrift
2017-08-08meson: use file instead of doing the relative path by handMarcel Hollerbach
2017-07-29e module build - make build files far more generic and far smallerCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-07-27module build - clean up and fix meson install of pretty much all modulesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-07-20meson.Mike Blumenkrantz
2017-07-14do not generate module.desktop filesMike Blumenkrantz
2017-03-26fix crash in syscon when you press pr 2x in a row quickly to shutdownCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-02-03Replace all timer_add with timer_loop_addDerek Foreman
2017-01-07e - BLOODY BUILD AGAIN - DAMN FLOAT WARNINGS...Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-01-06resolve misc module float-equal warningsMike Blumenkrantz
2016-04-21e syscon - dont show syscon if desklock is up - you can't respondCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-01-25remove e_bindings_key_up_event_find, rename other one to e_bindings_key_event...Mike Blumenkrantz
2016-01-25add extra param to e_bindings_key_down_event_find() to return found bindingMike Blumenkrantz
2015-05-07enlightenment: Make E build again with EFL from gitChris Michael
2015-03-18__UNUSED__ -> EINA_UNUSEDMike Blumenkrantz
2015-03-13remove e_util_zone_current_get() usageMike Blumenkrantz
2015-03-13remove E_Zone->comp memberMike Blumenkrantz
2015-03-13e_zone functions no longer require E_Comp paramMike Blumenkrantz
2015-03-13e_client functions no longer require E_Comp paramMike Blumenkrantz
2015-03-13remove e_comp_util_evas_object_comp_get() usageMike Blumenkrantz
2015-03-13de-e_comp_get()ify eMike Blumenkrantz
2014-11-20remove E_Win+e_canvas, convert all internal wins to use elm_winMike Blumenkrantz
2014-09-11Updating desktop files, eo.po and fr.pomaxerba
2014-08-05syscon: Fix inconsistency between e_config_dialog_new() and _get() paramsIgor Murzov
2014-07-27redo start/syscon menu deactivate callbacks to not crashMike Blumenkrantz
2014-06-11fix build in imagery fgor syscon power gadget - not ugly red shiny buttonCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-06-07edje: remove use of deprecated functions.Cedric BAIL
2014-05-19Updating translationsmaxerba
2014-05-07syscon buttons: because reusing the existing button widget was too much hassleMike Blumenkrantz
2014-04-21 Bugfix: e syscon: Cleanup everything when closing the dialog by clicking out...Chidambar Zinnoury
2014-04-21 Bugfix: e syscon: Use correct coordinates to have the dialog centered on mul...Chidambar Zinnoury
2014-04-21 e syscon: Add check changed.Chidambar Zinnoury
2014-04-21 e system: Show units.Chidambar Zinnoury
2014-04-21 e syscon: For user-friendliness, show “System Controls” instead of “Sy...Chidambar Zinnoury
2014-03-13replace ev->keyname with ev->keyMike Blumenkrantz
2014-01-22add autoclose callback for syscon to null pointerMike Blumenkrantz
2014-01-22set syscon popup layer before autocloseMike Blumenkrantz
2014-01-20set a layer for syscon popupMike Blumenkrantz
2014-01-14remove a bunch of unnecessary ecore-x calls from modulesMike Blumenkrantz
2014-01-14compositor rewrite / charlie-foxtrot situationMike Blumenkrantz
2013-09-09Add missing __UNUSED__Chris Michael
2013-09-05menu callbacks should never deactivate their menus...discomfitor
2013-09-04Revert "updating desktop files"Igor Murzov
2013-07-31updating desktop filesmaxerba
2013-07-08Adding serbian localization in desktop filesmaxerba
2013-07-05Fixed sorting in desktop filesmaxerba
2013-06-05adding catalan translation and sorting lines alphabeticallymaxerba
2013-05-18e_popup_autoclose() now also allows a delete function to replace normal popup...discomfitor
2013-05-04updating italian translationmaxerba
2013-02-20fix syscon to use popups more effectivelyMike Blumenkrantz