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2005-02-21Move from e_file to ecore_filesebastid
2005-02-17Iconsize change works.sebastid
2005-02-16Someone can't use Evas_List :)sebastid
2005-02-16Fix for iconify problemsebastid
2005-02-16Menu for enable/disable.sebastid
2005-02-16Free config list.sebastid
2005-02-16Free config list.sebastid
2005-02-15Check if the event is relative to the current zone.sebastid
2005-02-15Remove printfsebastid
2005-02-13Remove unused variable.sebastid
2005-02-13Gadman ibar.sebastid
2005-02-11Fix border_desk_set *again* ;) - this may also fix sticky bugs reportedhandyande
2005-02-10Add main menu to face menu.sebastid
2005-02-10Add main menu to face menu.sebastid
2005-02-10Don't honor sticky flag when border is added.sebastid
2005-02-10Sticky windowssebastid
2005-02-10Edit Modesebastid
2005-02-10Small fixsebastid
2005-02-10Cleanup. Add e_config_save_queue()sebastid
2005-02-10- Menu for each face.sebastid
2005-02-10- Move functions from face to main object.sebastid
2005-02-10Save config for clock and faces.sebastid
2005-02-09Bad Seb - BADhandyande
2005-02-091. Don't return a list of pagers from the module, return a Pager.sebastid
2005-02-09Move action from Battery_Face to Battery (We only need to check the batterysebastid
2005-02-09Cleanup before adding menu for each face, config and savesebastid
2005-02-08Don't let a pager play with anothers zonesebastid
2005-02-07moduels support multiple architectures build for 1 moduleCarsten Haitzler
2005-02-07hmm, update TODO accuratelyhandyande
2005-02-07update some todohandyande
2005-02-07fix some instance counter issueshandyande
2005-02-07Sebastians module patch, tidy up and fix clock faces + menushandyande
2005-02-03ewps!Carsten Haitzler
2005-02-01Actually show the windows in pager > 1 - fixed issue a)handyande
2005-02-01Modified patch from sebastid@stud.ntnu.nohandyande
2005-01-27mini-freeze TODO items fixed :)Carsten Haitzler
2005-01-27Keep screen overlay an overlayhandyande
2005-01-27AHA! fixed a pager seg, we should not just be flipping desks without providin...handyande
2005-01-26return 1 damnit!Carsten Haitzler
2005-01-25Port battery and temperature to gadman - finallyhandyande
2005-01-22OK, pager moved to gadman now, others tomorrow - note that pager still needs ...handyande
2005-01-21Make clock handles maintain aspect, and allow for folk who like them big :)handyande
2005-01-21gadman in. clock module poprted. others need porting.Carsten Haitzler
2005-01-20a (not so) paranoid checkhandyande
2005-01-20Small tidy, trying to hunt a segvhandyande
2005-01-19seems i never committed thishandyande