tag namev0.17.4 (78976c23f5b3668c2a1fad820fac2d7c69bf76a3)
tag date2013-08-02 15:00:53 -0300
tagged byEduardo Lima (Etrunko) <>
tagged objectcommit 454003d820...
Enlightenment release 0.17.4
Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman) (1): enlarge taskbar buttons a bit so those with 24px shelves.. can use them. :) Chris Michael (44): Backport: 1edb77e :: Add config_timestamp to e_randr_cfg. Backport: 9e605eb :: Fix randr plug-n-play for cedric because he asked nicely ;) Backport: 012a05e :: Modes is a zero-based list, so preferred needs to be -1. Backport: dff4df5 :: Fix potential memleak reported by klockwork. Backport: 7bd21a7 :: Preliminary support for Primary Output of XRandR Backport: 9f95515 :: Record primary output in randr config. Backport: 04936b2 :: Set primary output before crtc settings. If the primary output saved in config does not exist, then set primary to the first output. Backport: 74a85a1 :: Actually, we cannot set primary first as we may need to re-enable a saved monitor, so move "primary setting" until After we have enabled and sized the monitors. Backport: 98ac01c :: Remove unused variable (not needed). Backport: 7ae5da8 :: When we try to restore randr config, skip outputs that are not connected. Backport: 2a38555 :: Add code to handle setting a larger screen size Backport: 99268f5 :: Rework the randr restore code Backport: 16c63ec :: Remove call to screen_reset (not needed) Backport: a612fcf :: Initialize geometry variables (ie: The Shutup you stupid clang commit) Backport: 723825e :: If a crtc has no outputs, then skip it. Backport: 1197cc4 :: Minor formatting fix. Backport: 31d34db :: Initialize 'orients' variable to rotation 0. Backport: 37498d7 :: Add function to find a valid crtc for this monitor if none is set. If a monitor gets re-enabled and no current mode is set (which is typically the case), then find a mode based on size. Backport: dc3c16c :: Fix randr dialog to display monitors that are disabled. Add function to get a monitor's preferred mode size. Add function to find any clones of a monitor. Add function to find a valid crtc for an output Backport: 2babd46 :: printf-- Backport: 10acf59 :: Fix potential memleaks reported by klockwork. Backport: a019ffb :: Fix another memleak reported by klockwork. Backport: d6a392d :: Preliminary support for Primary Output of XRandR Backport: 1b76632 :: Add suport for setting the Primary Output in the randr dialog....for my German friend ;) Backport: ee715e2 :: Fix possible memory leak reported by klockwork. Backport: bba201a :: If a monitor is disabled by the user, then we need to set number of outputs to zero, and free any allocated outputs before trying to apply settings. Backport: b4f277a :: When we free outputs, set the variable to NULL. Backport: fa9104b :: bugfix T86: If an output does not have a crtc, find a possible one. If it has no mode set yet, then we try to get the preferred mode. If that fails we will try the crtc size, if That fails we will fallback to a safe 640x480. When getting preferred size, if the output does not specifiy a preferred mode (but does list availabe modes), then we will assume the largest size. Backport: 7955818 :: Add randr theme support for primary outputs Backport: 0537494 :: Fix issue of incorrect x/y position being displayed on a monitor after snapping. Backport: a12ae8b :: Properly check for primary output during new configurations. Backport: 5fecc20 :: When we are re-enabling a monitor, do not free the mode info from the smart data's list of modes. This will get freed when the dialog closes. Backport: b0e3605 :: Implement rudamentary monitor snapping after move. Backport: d2a0e36 :: Add function prototype for returning previous geometry. Backport: 3f2e850 :: Big giant Monitor Snapping Fix when we resize or move !! ;) Backport: e2cf7d3 :: Handle case of snapping for monitor being moved. Backport: 1aa4f1e :: Add function prototype for disable/enable of the toggle indicator. Backport: 9046a6b :: Add function to allow disable/enable of the indicator toggle. Backport: c48e7d2 :: When we have finished creating all monitors, if there is only One monitor existing, then disable the ability to toggle the indicator. Backport: c32f155 :: Add a disabled state to the indicator event rectangle Backport: a39246c :: Remove return value in function returning void. Backport: 6d3751a :: Remove duplicated local variable. Backport: a7200ae :: Only create primary output frame if we have more than one monitor to choose from. Backport: 112a409 :: When we have to calculate screen size, it May actually Help to get the crtc id that we need to fetch values for. Christopher Michael (126): Backport: 734e841 :: Add new randr header file. Backport: f5f7d72 :: Add start of new e_randr code. Backport: 499504b :: Remove timestamps from config (not needed). Add randr versions to header. Backport: 84481e1 :: Remove randr versions (in header now). Set default output policy. Backport: 4af4743 :: Add a blank line to separate comments. Backport: b12e6c9 :: Add note about screen_reset. Backport: dc509dd :: Add support for an outputs clones in e_randr and e_randr config. Backport: 6c8bafb :: When we get an output changed event, check for matching crtc id and also set changed flag if anything in the crtc has changed. Backport: 74b419f :: Add connected flag for outputs, and add a restore config option. Backport: 059a019 :: When we get randr events, check for actual config differences. Backport: 985ff5a :: Add poll_interval field to config. Backport: 3ff49b2 :: Add poll_interval to e_randr_cfg. Backport: bf6d1d4 :: Start on poller code. Backport: bc23ef5 :: Remove poller code for now (broken, does not work as expected, etc, etc). Backport: b03c099 :: Add exists field to crtc and output. Backport: 1c15009 :: Remove commented fixme (no time to optimize this routine right now). Backport: 4c13cd3 :: Remove old randr code from Backport: fbb5bae :: Initial rewrite of randr widget. Backport: 4dfda15 :: Initial rewrite of the monitor object. Backport: daa2b49 :: Create the randr widget in _basic_create. Backport: 6b96e9c :: Add code to handle the layout object. Backport: 3fd758f :: Cleanup compile warnings and include randr object header. Backport: 6521caa :: Add header function for creating new monitors. Backport: 8a53055 :: Tell randr widget to create monitors. Backport: 5216fb0 :: Add initial monitor code. Backport: 6cf9624 :: Add header function for monitors_create. Backport: 468998f :: Add initial start of code to create monitors. Backport: 6b1168b :: Add list of monitors to smart_data structure. Add code to delete the monitors when randr gets deleted. Backport: 82a0808 :: Add function prototypes for setting monitor crtc and output config. Backport: 7246631 :: Add crtc and output configs to smart_data structure. Add functions to set crtc and output configs. Backport: 69b1266 :: Start code for monitors create - Create monitor smart object - Set crtc and output config for monitor. Backport: 148cdc9 :: Add geometry to smart_data struct. Check geometry changes in smart_move and smart_resize. Backport: 31b98fe :: Add a list of modes to smart_data structure. When we set the output, fill in the modes list Add code to sort modes list. Backport: 6747bad :: Pack the created monitor into the layout widget. Backport: 87a3d1d :: Move and resize the monitor after packing to it's proper position. Backport: 8fecfa5 :: Use proper width/height variables from crtc_config. Backport: 28a1a76 :: Tell randr widget to calculate virtual size. Backport: db40616 :: Add prototype and code for virtual_size_calc function. Backport: 927cf45 :: Add LOGFN macro to header. Backport: 9f6b69c :: Add test rectangle to monitor Add LOGFN to functions. Backport: c508e28 :: Add LOGFN to functions. Append newly created monitor(s) to our list. Backport: a2ce1d7 :: Cfdata is unused in the apply function. Backport: d994ca4 :: Fix _basic_create prototype & function to use the dialog now. Call function of randr widget to get the min required size, and set the list widget to that size. Tell the dialog to show centered on the screen. Backport: 85ff779 :: Add min & max mode sizes to monitor structure. Add Frame & Stand to monitor structure. Add code to create/show/move/resize/hide the frame & stand. Change the code to use ecore_x_randr functions so that when running in Xephyr we get monitors that make sense. Change output_set and crtc_set functions to take the Ecore_X_Randr types. Set an aspect ratio on the frame (so it maintains during resize) Add function for telling monitor what the virtual size is. Add function for telling monitor what grid object it belongs to. Backport: c476e30 :: Add function prototypes. Backport: efbdf8c :: Add function prototype for min_size_get. Backport: 70380b6 :: Add base & grid object to randr widget. Use ecore_x_randr functions to get crtcs & outputs (Fixes problem of running Screen Setup dialog in Xephyr) Add code for min_size_get function. Remove code which used e_layout widget. Add code to create new randr widget based on evas_object_grid. Backport: 055ccc5 :: Remove virtual_size_set code (turns out, it's not needed). Backport: 6ca0528 :: Remove function call to monitor_virtual_size_set. Backport: 8d47671 :: Add code to handle setting of background preview on initial show. Add code to handle setting of background preview when user changes the bg. Backport: ad6d691 :: Pack the monitor into the grid first, then do setup. Add function call to setup initial background preview. Backport: 597d95b :: Add code to set the monitor name. Backport: 58b68ab :: Add private functions for setting monitor position and resolution text. Backport: 54a0fa1 :: When we set the crtc of the monitor, we can update position and resolution text. Backport: 457c302 :: Modifiy crtc_set function to also take the current crtc coordinates (this saves us a round-trip function call to ecore_x_randr as we already have the coordinates from the randr widget). Backport: 353df08 :: Also pass in crtc geometry to the monitor when we set crtc (because we have previously fetched this geometry anyway). Backport: 9354ef6 :: Set aspect width & height on the same line Backport: f5fc65f :: Add function to push & pop e_pointers. Add code to set pointer indication when mouse moves inside the thumbnail. Add code to set pointer indication when mouse is down on the thumbnail. Backport: b5f6ae6 :: Fix comment. Backport: 825ccb9 :: Cleanup some memory returned from ecore_x_randr when we are done with it. Backport: 22f25b4 :: Fix variable type of "name" to be char (not const char). Add code to set mouse pointer on frame events (resize, rotate, etc). Backport: fd11b69 :: Add edje callbacks to frame for resize_start & resize_stop. Add code to delete edje callbacks from frame when object is deleted. Add start of code for resize_start & resize_stop frame events. Backport: f4ae6fa :: Add flag to structure for resizing. Add start of resize coordinates to structure. If we are manually resizing the object, update the text. When resize starts, record the current mouse position and size. Backport: fd0889b :: Add missing LOGFN's where needed. Add mouse_move callback on frame. Delete mouse_move callback when we delete the frame. Add code in frame moouse_move function to call appropriate event based on current action. Start of actual resize event code. Backport: 903787a :: Change monitor_grid_set function to also accept the grid geometry (used for virtual-->canvas coordinate functions). Backport: bda3e4b :: Change structure to store grid geometry. Change grid_set function to accept grid geometry. Add monitor_virtual_size_set function. Only update livethumb preview size if we are not manually resizing. Don't need to set the resolution text during smart_resize. Add functions to convert coordinates to/from virtual to canvas. Add function to find the closest randr mode to a given size. Add function to handle user manual resizing. Backport: 1f63b0f :: Remove dead comments about layout object. Add grid object to structure. Add callbacks to handle when grid gets moved or resized so we can update the monitor's copy of the grid geometry. Update calls to monitor_grid_set to pass in geometry now. Add monitor_virtual_size_set call. Add code to deal with grid getting moved & resized. Backport: 480170d :: Remove all code which tried to maintain aspect ratio of the frame (resize snapping to mode dimensions will handle this anyway). Backport: 2edc7cf :: Add some comments. Backport: 7abc8a7 :: Add flag for rotating to structure. Add & delete callbacks for rotation start & stop. Add functions for rotate start & stop. Add start of rotate event code. Backport: 9edea3c :: Only get edid (an expensive process) if getting the output name previously has failed. Backport: 5b47415 :: Add code to check if rotations for a given crtc are possible, and disable the rotation in edje if not. Backport: 3526741c :: Turn 'crtc' field into a structure (mainly for making code easier to read/maintain). Backport: 1ec01f9 :: Add function to get the amount of rotation from a mouse event. Simplify mouse movement check in resize_event and add some better comments. Backport: 93ad1fa :: Add current mode and refresh rate to crtc field. Add function prototype for getting a mode refresh rate. Add Big Fat FIXME for crtc_set function. Get the crtc current mode & refresh rate when crtc is set. Simplify monitor_mode_find function. Add function for getting a mode refresh rate. Start on rotation event code. Backport: ed84b96 :: Add code to check EFL version. If we are using a newer version, then we can use the new ecore_x_randr_crtc_info_get() function which will save us a lot of X round-trips. Backport: 87daec4 :: Remove Big Fat Fixme warning as it's fixed now :) Backport: 3585513 :: Add inline function to return the degree of rotation based on orientation. Backport: c2b2be5 :: Add current rotation to smart_data structure. Fill in current rotation on crtc set. Update current rotation when we get a rotation event. Backport: af59660 :: Add ROTATE_FUZZ amount. Add inline function to get orientation based on rotation amount. Add function to apply an evas_map for rotation. If we are rotating, we don't need to set livethumb size. When we start rotating, set initial rotation amount to 0. When rotation stops, update the map and monitor position where needed. Apply map during rotation. Backport: e02c9fc :: Fix comment. Remove orientation comparison. Backport: 2e0f4e7 :: Reduce variable usage Backport: 39bc25b :: Use ecore_x_randr_crtc_info_free function to free returned crtc_info. When comparing refresh rates for mode searches, cast to int. Backport: b33401f :: Add in refresh_rate code for filling refresh rate list and listening for changes. Break map_apply function into frame_map_apply and thumb_map_apply for rotating just the wallpaper. Fix resize code to work with a rotated monitor. Backport: aee6393 :: Add code to handle manual monitor movement. Fix up coordinate functions to not need doubles. Update monitor position text when moving. Fix up rotation code to allow rotating when mouse is outside the frame (thank you Daniel) ;) Backport: 2acdd3f :: Add 'current' field values so we can use these durring apply for comparison to old values. Fix move, resize, rotate code to use "current" values. Backport: 87ef25f :: When calculating virtual size, we only need to fetch "screen_current_size_get" if both vw & vh are 0. Backport: 2819733 :: Handle setting monitor to enabled/disabled based on crtc mode. Backport: f487724 :: Fix move_stop to use current geometry. Backport: c0d5cba :: Add function prototype for setting current geometry. Rename function prototype for grid virtual size set. Backport: c5254ce :: Set current size and position text when we set current values. Add function for setting current geometry. If a monitor is disabled, do not allow rotate, resize, move events. Fix resize start/stop functions to use current geometry. Backport: 1d10a38 :: Actually, allow move/resize/rotate for disabled monitors so things can be adjusted (NB: Will not actually mattery on Apply anyway). Backport: a9f1783 :: When calculating virtual size, also account for 'possible' outputs. When we are creating the monitors, account for 'possible' outputs also. Backport: a9cd2aa :: Remove unused variable and some dead printfs. Backport: 3f283a6 :: Remove useless defines and variables. Backport: 132719c :: Correctly calculate disabled monitor position(s). Backport: 5f68828 :: Simplify the monitor rotation code and make sure new positions are within grid virtual space. Backport: fee5a89 :: Add cloning support for monitor. Tie in code for indicator toggle (enable/disable). Add function to return a monitor's crtc id (used in randr widget). Backport: 54f611f :: Add function prototype for monitor clone set. Backport: 6739bcf :: Add the clone object as a smart member for monitor. Add some comments. Update position and resolution text when we unclone. Repack the monitor into the grid when we unclone. Set virtual thumb size correctly. Emit disabled signal (if needed) when we unclone. Also record x/y coordinates when doing move/resize/rotate. Backport: eec7305 :: Update some comments. Add code to create any clones on initial startup. Add function to find a monitor object based on crtc. Backport: 994586d :: Add code to handle when cloning monitors so that the size, mode and orient of each will match (NB: This is required by XRandR in order for cloning to be successful). Backport: 86b27ba :: Start on monitor Changes. Backport: b0dff98 :: Simplify changed enum. Backport: c889d84 :: Add hook for randr widget changed. Backport: 1f51f97 :: Add randr_changed function. Add function to apply changes. Add callback hook for monitor(s) changed. Backport: 0ac5ed72 :: Handle apply of monitor changes to X. Reduce position text set calls and just do it on smart_move. Add a changes_apply function. Add code to record changes to a monitor. Backport: f52d507 :: Add missing function prototypes. Backport: 686ff23 :: Add some comments. Backport: 8f728d1 :: Add restore checkbox to dialog. Backport: 8109e62 :: When we do a current_geometry set, repack the monitor to the updated geometry. Add a geometry_get function for monitor. Fix up cloning code to work properly with different size parents/children. Add a monitor_clone_parent_get function. When applying changes, also use crtc_clone_set function. Add smart callback for monitor_moved to tell randr widget it may need to shuffle things around. Use output mouse position, not canvas position. Backport: 16abe42 :: Add missing function prototypes. Backport: 1860beb :: Add monitor_moved callback and update position (if needed). Backport: 2ce1533 :: Disable Restore on Startup for now until larger randr event issues are worked out. Backport: c3736db :: Add a monitor_resized callback so positions of other monitors can be updated. Backport: ce6ed08 :: Hook into monitor_resized callback and update adjacent monitor positions. Backport: 8a3cf51 :: Re-enable Restore button for RandR dialog. Backport: dce3e8f7 :: Skip refresh rate checks during resize. Backport: eca3475 :: Fix incorrect monitor position text on some startup cases. Backport: a654fac :: Add position text to monitor. Backport: f47f526 :: Add monitor position text for the monitor object. Backport: 3920734 :: Create new randr widget group (for the main randr widget) and give it an "inset" look like the wallpaper preview widget. Backport: aa74a39 :: Fix grid offset Backport: 8f0367d :: Rename monitor name style Backport: f7defbd :: Color the clip of the frame when monitor is disabled to provide more visual indication. Backport: 23a8170 :: Fix cloning box to now be over the indicator event rect. Daniel Willmann (1): Backport: 845cc72 :: Remove deleted file e_randr_private.h from EXTRA_DIST Deon Thomas (10): Fixed zmike forgot to define BD_CHANGED Backport: a6a159b :: Remove all Old Randr Code. Backport: e33fe5a :: Remove all references to the old randr config. Removed old code that is based on old ecore randr codes Backport: 17dcfd1 :: Remove old randr widget code. Backport: 520e479 :: Remove old randr code from dialog creation. removed requirment for EFL 1.8 since randr code is backparted to ecore 1.7.7+ Update changelog to show devilhorns changes removed ECORE_VERSION_MAJOR/MINOR #if statement since all the new ecore_randr code has been backported to ecore 1.7.7+ Revert: removed ECORE_VERSION_MAJOR/MINOR #if statement since all the new ecore_randr code has been backported to ecore 1.7.7+ Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) (1): 0.17.4 release Mike Blumenkrantz (6): cl/news for preview two commits fix fileman double slash in path setting fix e widget focus un-setting fix border remember geometry apply fix typo in e module Backport: 0dd2efa :: ensure randr dialog clears its pointer stack maxerba (14): The update notice dialog is now translatable updating italian translation updating french and esperanto translations updating catalan translation re-updating catalan translation adding serbian localization updating esperanto translation updating desktop files with esperanto and french translations updating esperanto and french translations updating italian translation Fixed sorting in desktop files Adding serbian localization in desktop files updating french translation updating desktop files