AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-23Correct git command processing for tagged releasesefler-0.1Andy Williams
2017-10-23remove tabsAndy Williams
2017-10-23apps: Update for efl latest releaseAndy Williams
2017-10-22Fix safety / actually checking full app IDsAndy Williams
2017-10-22config: Mark EFL and Efler as installed - we know they are :)Andy Williams
2017-10-22config: Store the versions we installAndy Williams
2017-10-21apps: 0.6 of edi was autotoolsAndy Williams
2017-10-21Update efler to check out version tags for stabilityAndy Williams
2017-10-20apps: use meson build in EdiAndy Williams
2017-10-20bootstrap: llvm provides clang on OS XAndy Williams
2017-09-07Change Enlightenment build to mesonAndy Williams
2017-08-21Bootstrap: install meson and ninja buildersAndy Williams
2017-08-21Add meson build supportAndy Williams
2017-07-12bootstrap: Install hooks for OS X in local profilesAndy Williams
2017-07-08Let's assume at least 4 cores :)Andy Williams
2017-03-26cmdline: Fix sudo asking password on cmdlineAndy Williams
2017-03-25bootstrap: improvements to OS X configAndy Williams
2017-03-25Add some TODOAndy Williams
2017-03-25bootstrap: A better minimal arch setup with a ttf fontAndy Williams
2017-03-25install: If there are local changes then stash firstAndy Williams
2017-03-14bootstrap: For OSX ensure homebrew is up to dateAndy Williams
2017-03-14gui: Hint that we have an askpass app installedAndy Williams
2017-03-14bootstrap: Add exec flag for local runningAndy Williams
2017-03-14bootstrap: Hide warning of missing filesAndy Williams
2017-03-14bootstrap: Update osx and copy bootstrap vars into envAndy Williams
2017-03-01bootstrap: fix password asking in ubuntuAndy Williams
2017-03-01bootstrap: Add basic Ubuntu supportAndy Williams
2017-01-31ui: Fix threading issues when launching efler GUIAndy Williams
2017-01-31cmdline: Allow users to list testing apps on the text interfaceAndy Williams
2017-01-23apps: Add extra to apps listAndy Williams
2016-12-11Try to detect the multilib stuff in ManjaroAndy Williams
2016-12-08cmdline: Fix rendering glitchAndy Williams
2016-12-08fix fix for bad file descriptorsAndy Williams
2016-12-03potential fix for bad file descriptor problems on some OSAndy Williams
2016-12-02fixing missed configure changeAndy Williams
2016-12-01fixing missed configure changeAndy Williams
2016-11-27ui: highlight selected app on launchAndy Williams
2016-11-27packaging: fix PKGBUILDAndy Williams
2016-11-20ui: Add Clouseau for UI debuggingAndy Williams
2016-11-19ui: Show pulsing progress bar when installingAndy Williams
2016-11-17apps: Add express IRC client to the list of testing appsAndy Williams
2016-11-17ui: hide apps that are not stableAndy Williams
2016-11-14Add eruler imageAndy Williams
2016-11-12opts: Add a skip-update flag for those slow internet daysAndy Williams
2016-11-12ui: Order apps alphabeticallyAndy Williams
2016-11-12ui: Add icons for all of the apps in our listAndy Williams
2016-11-08apps: Add ERuler - onscreen ruler and colour pickerAndy Williams
2016-11-06apps: Add rage video appAndy Williams
2016-10-29apps: Add ephoto to app listAndy Williams
2016-10-27apps: Add eConnMan to list of python appsAndrew Williams