AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-09-20email changeHEADmasterBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-08-24update mail adressBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-05-09Add a TODO fileBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-05-09Ermm !! readline is not goodBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-05-09CMakeLists.txt have nothing to do hereBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-30Rewrite m4 macros to be less bizarre, and make them work in 100 % case.Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-30indent macrosBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-30indent fixeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-27oops, forgot to change get_version in m4 macrosBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-18move sh/ to sh/git-versionBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-18cmake: ignore more filesBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-18Start CMakeisationBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-10make it rework and buildBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-10del unused m4 macrosBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-10remove all old debugging codeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-04-10improve and delete m4 macrosBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-03-29delete an unused scriptBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-03-17change a bit headers and indetingBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-28Add a trailing white space detector scriptBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-27Don't warnings :)Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-27-Wundef -Wold-style-definition tooBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-21-Wdeclaration-after-statement tooBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-07This year is missingBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-07Copyright updateBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-05Del unused thingsBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-05Better git-versionBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-04Beggening of opt sparserBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-04Merge with git+ssh://guybrush.melee/var/git/public/e/espik.gitBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-04More infosBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-04master updateBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-02when free a pointeur, put it to NULLBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-02-01Get commit id when compilingBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-31Missing filesBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-31erm, don'(t push a symlinkBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-31devtodo for todo now :)Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-25indentBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-25indentBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-24Del Old static Makefile unautofooedBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-23Avoid memleakBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-23Quit when ^C and not when connection closedBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-23More back to homeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-23del unused files and codeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-23Start reorganise all thingsBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-22add a espik_free to avoid mem leakdebut-espik-freeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-22freeeeeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-19free, free free...Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-19freeeeeBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-19Add a m4 for evasBertrand Jacquin (Beber)
2006-01-19more free ! valgrind is not happy !Bertrand Jacquin (Beber)