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2016-12-30polish the extra app!HEADmasterMarcel Hollerbach
This brings a few new features: - Data is now transmitted via json and fully parsed. The parser which is used for that is jsmn and is brought in per submodule. You may ask yourself, why is that done. Well, json seemed to be a more stable fileformat than cvs. And using a more scalable file format enables the possibility to send more data to the client. So its more or less a invest into the future. - You have a download button which downloads the file directly into your elementary user theme directory - The data about the theme is displayed What is missing / can be improved: - The layouting of the details section is not THAT good - Mirror the downloadstate of the themes - Mirror the downloaded themes and check for new versions of a theme and send a notification. - Maybe some markup for the details text?
2016-11-19ui: Actually list themes after we syncAndy Williams
Grabbing theme list from server - no cache yet
2016-11-19extra_server: Update to live server URLAndy Williams
2016-11-03refactor to put the hostname in a headerAndy Williams
2016-08-06Request and parse CSV format for theme listAndy Williams
2016-05-03Add a descriptionAndy Williams
2016-05-03Generate a quick stub that is our extra client appAndy Williams