AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-18verne: let there be a ICONapBBBB_this_is_for_youMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-18move files in data arroundMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-18move desktop fileMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-13efm: be more resistand against a deleted monitorMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-13filter: if checker is null make it emptyMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-12fix efl b0rksMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-03selector: add back rename optionMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-03elm_file_icon: remove rename from icon.Marcel Hollerbach
2016-09-03elm_file_details: let be changed in thereMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-02verne: add open terminal here menu entryMarcel Hollerbach
2016-09-01Eo_Event -> Efl_EventMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-30fix latest b0rkesMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-30elm_file_detail: do not crash if file can not be openedMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-24follow up on the last commitMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-24verne: fix test linkingMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-20emous: do not compile libmount stuff if it is not foundMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-19jesus -> verneMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-19make filenames not depending on the project nameMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-19Revert "rename jesus to kvasir"Marcel Hollerbach
2016-08-19rename jesus to kvasirMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-19bump efl!Marcel Hollerbach
2016-08-19jesus: bring back the bea... ah oh no, just the menuMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-19update latested b0rkesMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-05dnd: copy files when you drop them above a folderMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-03eo is beta again!Marcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02update readmeMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02module: implement zone_add resize logicMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02replace hardcoded pathsMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02update theme!Marcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02new item theme! \o/Marcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02fixup api breaksMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02name it jesus-moduleMarcel Hollerbach
2016-08-02widgets: set desktop name instead of filenameMarcel Hollerbach
2016-07-27added support for preview of iconsMarcel Hollerbach
2016-07-27added a module to replace filemanMarcel Hollerbach
2016-07-15fix invalid free of monitorMarcel Hollerbach
2016-07-15remove deprecated functionsMarcel Hollerbach
2016-07-15bookmark: fix crash on dndMarcel Hollerbach
2016-07-15efm: properly destroy reference of eio on error to.Cedric Bail
2016-06-28selector: stop after f files OR no fileMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-28file_selector: set folder type manullyMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-28mimetype: only set things if they are not null and not emptyMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-28mimetype: if there is no mimetype hide the iconMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-24file_selector: refactor dndMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-22elm_file_icon: use the correct eventMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-22moooore api breaksMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-22bring it back to live!Marcel Hollerbach
2016-06-20keep up with the api b0rkesMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-17titlebar: simplify alotMarcel Hollerbach
2016-06-16mimecache: update to work with the new theme stuffMarcel Hollerbach