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apBBBB_this_is_for_youverne: let there be a ICONMarcel Hollerbach5 years
debugmore time output!Marcel Hollerbach6 years
devs/bu5hm4n/apb_bug_fixingno more efl_addMarcel Hollerbach5 years
efl-1.17-stableMerge pull request #20 from danielhass/efl-1.17-stableMarcel Hollerbach6 years
key_binding_fixviews: remove keybindings which are implemented in elmMarcel Hollerbach6 years
masterelm_file_detail: events have changed!Marcel Hollerbach4 years
select_bugadd debug outputMarcel Hollerbach6 years
titlebardebugAdd debugging output to the titlebar transformMarcel Hollerbach7 years