AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2014-09-02theme: Fix unbalanced bracesFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-02alsa: Fixes on volume get/set/mute ...Flavio Ceolin
The volume got from alsa card should be normalized to the range (0 - 100) that is used by the clients, emixer and module. Also some re-factoring was done :)
2014-08-29emixer: Try to load alsa if pulseaudio failsFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-29emix: Shutdown the module before set anotherFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-29pulse: Added a timer on reconnectFlavio Ceolin
It avoids the overload of cpu
2014-08-28emix: Make backend's init function returns booleanFlavio Ceolin
It's necessary for who is using the library be able to take an action when the backend fails.
2014-08-17pulse: Fix the sink's ports after change eventFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14module: several fixesFlavio Ceolin
- Fix the problem of none sink selected - Fix the debug/error macros - Replace all Epulse's reference to Emix
2014-08-14Be prepared to advanced options on emixerFlavio Ceolin
The advanced option is a view given by the backend to be shown on emixer application. The idea is allow advanced options of which backend to the user, for example something like paprefs for pulseaudio.
2014-08-14Fix basic CFLAGSFlavio Ceolin
Pulseaudio cflags should be used only by pulseaudio backend.
2014-08-14Removed all references to epulseFlavio Ceolin
The stand alone application is called now emixer, it makes more sense since it was introduced multiple backends.
2014-08-14Removed libepulseFlavio Ceolin
It's possible build the module and the mixer without pulseaudio. The application and module have no depencies except efl, all the low-level stuff is done in the backends.
2014-08-14epulse: Sources View ported to emixFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14epulse: Sinks View ported to emixFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14emix: Make the ports part of the SinkFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14epulse: Use pulseaudio as backendFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14epulse: playback's view ported to emixFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14pulse: Avoid duplicate sinks on moduleFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14alsa: cache the old state to restore it when the mute is removed.Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14alsa: Notify for the volume change!Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14alsa: added mute stuff, mutes are set correctly and written correctly.Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14gadget: include correct header filesMarcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14gadget: Added a log domainMarcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14alsa: lets call the ready_cb and disconnect_cbMarcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14Updating .gitignoreFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14module: Checking for default sink on initFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14module: Avoiding volume underflow/overflowFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14module: Removing wrong debug msgFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14emix: Changing emix_init to return eina_boolFlavio Ceolin
This function should return a value to be possible check if it failed or not.
2014-08-14backends:pulse: Avoiding add a device twiceFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14module: Small fixes around config panelFlavio Ceolin
- code style - segv on first run - api changes
2014-08-14module: added config panelMarcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14emix: check if this backend is valid or notMarcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14backends:pulse: Fixing memory leakFlavio Ceolin
The list of ports was leaking on sink's changing
2014-08-14module: Checking if backend supports default sinkFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14module: Porting to use emixFlavio Ceolin
For now the backend is hardcoded to use pulseaudio.
2014-08-14emix: Adding ready eventFlavio Ceolin
At least, for pulseaudio is necessary when the connection with the server is ready to be used.
2014-08-14emix: Fixing the eventsFlavio Ceolin
It was wrong the usage of ecore_events, to avoid new structures it was added new events.
2014-08-14Fixing the backends install pathFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14emix: Adding backendsdir to pkg-configFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14emix: lets make this function better! :)Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14emix: lets print where the backends will be installed.Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14emix: added the alsa backend.Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14emix: the count should not be signed.Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14backends:pulseaudio: Fixing internal lists and stringsharesFlavio Ceolin
Sources, Sinks and Inputs were not been added to the lists and the strings on Port's structure were not using eina_stringshare.
2014-08-14emix: Fixing memory leaks and wrong freesFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14Creating pkgconfig fileFlavio Ceolin
Exporting the emix's headers.
2014-08-14emix:backend: Adding pulseaudio backendFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14emix: Adding support for sink's portFlavio Ceolin
Sink's port and fixing the volume field.
2014-08-14emix: Adding callbacks for eventsFlavio Ceolin
Adding callbacks to be used for the backends when they need to inform that an event happened (new sink available, new sink input, ...).