AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-11-05Adding danish translation to desktop fileHEADmastermaxerba
2017-08-02Adding danish and updating italian translationsmaxerba
2015-05-22Follow E changes, s/EAPI/E_API/Flavio Ceolin
2015-05-22module: fix possible unitialized variableFlavio Ceolin
2015-05-22alsa: Add sanity checksFlavio Ceolin
2015-05-22build: Remove trailing \Flavio Ceolin
2015-05-22emix: fix visibility of API callsMarcel Hollerbach
Before 1.14 dev cycle EAPI defines where leaked in public header files. Now they dont. So our Symbols in emix where hidden and not public. This commit defines EAPI with visibility to default.
2015-05-02Update po filesold_masteremixFlavio Ceolin
2015-05-01module: Avoid unitialized variableFlavio Ceolin
2015-05-01module: Avoid division by zeroFlavio Ceolin
2015-05-01alsa: Fix wrong memory allocationFlavio Ceolin
2015-05-01adapt to e internal changesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-05-01epluse - keep compiling with new e changesCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-05-01update poCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-05-01Adding serbian translationmaxerba
2015-05-01Updating desktop filesmaxerba
2015-05-01Adding italian translationmaxerba
2015-03-07Fixed buildsystem so you dont have to pass --prefixMarcel Hollerbach
2015-03-07gadget: The context should be created before we create emixMarcel Hollerbach
At the point where we call emix_backend_set we can get event calls, so the context should be ready.
2015-03-07alsa: Call cards refresh after the cb assignMarcel Hollerbach
2015-03-07alsa: call the ready even at the endMarcel Hollerbach
We are just ready when all sinks and sources are detected.
2015-03-07Fixed a few warningsMarcel Hollerbach
Those should be in the previours commit dont know what went wrong.
2015-03-07gadget: ported ui to elmMarcel Hollerbach
After this commit you wont be able to build for current e19 anymore. Why porting the ui ? Basically the slider is very buggy for me, clicking a pixel outside of the middle of the circle and you mute it click to high and the click will be in the nothing. With that it should work better.
2015-02-24module: Fix first use (without config)Flavio Ceolin
If there is no backend already set the module iterates over the available backends and uses the first found.
2015-01-16Fix buildFlavio Ceolin
The commit 77fb1afab makes a mess with translation.h, this commit attempts to fix it.
2015-01-16Following the enlightenment changesFlavio Ceolin
2014-10-29emixer: Exiting if fail to create the windowFlavio Ceolin
2014-10-29Using callbacks instead of Ecore_EventsFlavio Ceolin
Also the volume meter functionality was removed.
2014-10-20module: Add volume meter optionFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-18emixer: Fixing invalid pointer accessFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-17module: Add mute on desklock optionFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-16module: Fallback to other backend in case of failFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-14Add volume meter functionalityFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-08emix: Support volume meterFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-08emixer: Better iteration over list itemsFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-07emixer: Fix port changesFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-04emixer: Fallback to other backend in failFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-04module: Make possible changing backend on the flyFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-02pulse: Fix memory leakFlavio Ceolin
The volumes in sink input and sources were leaking.
2014-09-02theme: Fix unbalanced bracesFlavio Ceolin
2014-09-02alsa: Fixes on volume get/set/mute ...Flavio Ceolin
The volume got from alsa card should be normalized to the range (0 - 100) that is used by the clients, emixer and module. Also some re-factoring was done :)
2014-08-29emixer: Try to load alsa if pulseaudio failsFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-29emix: Shutdown the module before set anotherFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-29pulse: Added a timer on reconnectFlavio Ceolin
It avoids the overload of cpu
2014-08-28emix: Make backend's init function returns booleanFlavio Ceolin
It's necessary for who is using the library be able to take an action when the backend fails.
2014-08-17pulse: Fix the sink's ports after change eventFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14module: several fixesFlavio Ceolin
- Fix the problem of none sink selected - Fix the debug/error macros - Replace all Epulse's reference to Emix
2014-08-14Be prepared to advanced options on emixerFlavio Ceolin
The advanced option is a view given by the backend to be shown on emixer application. The idea is allow advanced options of which backend to the user, for example something like paprefs for pulseaudio.
2014-08-14Fix basic CFLAGSFlavio Ceolin
Pulseaudio cflags should be used only by pulseaudio backend.
2014-08-14Removed all references to epulseFlavio Ceolin
The stand alone application is called now emixer, it makes more sense since it was introduced multiple backends.