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2015-05-22build: Remove trailing \Flavio Ceolin
2015-03-07Fixed buildsystem so you dont have to pass --prefixMarcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14Removed all references to epulseFlavio Ceolin
The stand alone application is called now emixer, it makes more sense since it was introduced multiple backends.
2014-08-14Fixing the backends install pathFlavio Ceolin
2014-08-14emix: lets print where the backends will be installed.Marcel Hollerbach
2014-08-14Creating pkgconfig fileFlavio Ceolin
Exporting the emix's headers.
2014-08-14backend: Adding alsa skeletonFlavio Ceolin
Supporting alsa's backend on build system. For now pulse dependency is not optional and both module and epulse are linking directly to epulse library.
2014-08-14Making the backend interface simpler and more realisticFlavio Ceolin
Added some missing functions and removed functions that could be accessed directly from structures. Added some basic code over structures and the module part.
2014-04-13Initial infra-structure for i18nFlavio Ceolin
2014-04-03Adding common codeFlavio Ceolin
Init/shutdown used libraries and including common headers.