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2014-07-27Using the same volume step in both module and epulseFlavio Ceolin
2014-07-27epulse: Avoiding volume underflowFlavio Ceolin
2014-05-23Adding applicaton iconFlavio Ceolin
2014-05-17sources should also listen for pulseaudio's disconnectionFlavio Ceolin
2014-05-17Checking when pulseadio diesFlavio Ceolin
Informing the app/module that pulseaudio dies when then handling this situation properly avoiding crashes (in case of the module, avoiding crash the entire enlightenment).
2014-05-08[module] Callback for mouse whellFlavio Ceolin
patch sent by: P Purkayastha <>
2014-05-08[module] Fixing desktop notificationsFlavio Ceolin
- Notifications is not per instance anymore - Showing notifications only on volume changes
2014-05-01[module] Adding desktop notification for volume changesFlavio Ceolin
2014-05-01Adding portuguese translationFlavio Ceolin
2014-04-13Initial infra-structure for i18nFlavio Ceolin
2014-04-03[module] Avoiding invalid pointer accessFlavio Ceolin
2014-04-03[module] Adding support for key bindingsFlavio Ceolin
2014-04-03[epulse] Fixing the sink port changingFlavio Ceolin
2014-04-03Adding common codeFlavio Ceolin
Init/shutdown used libraries and including common headers.
2013-09-01Copying the ecore_audio_pulse_ml.c from efl repositoryFlavio Ceolin
Contains the mainloop integration with pulseadio. The file was renamed to epulse_ml.c.
2013-09-01Removing epulse binaryFlavio Ceolin
Adding the epulse binary to gitignore