AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-25fixed change audio playlistHEADmasterLarry Jr
2015-04-29update EMC to new efl_model APILarry Jr
2015-01-06add optional check and inheritance playlist emodelLarry Jr
2015-01-05added artist name in trackinfoLarry Jr
2015-01-05added playlistLarry Jr
2015-01-05* Implemented the update media content to rescan all files;Guilherme Lepsch
2015-01-05* Fixed getting settings value.Guilherme Lepsch
2015-01-02* Resolved dependency and initialization mess. Application controller is resp...Guilherme Lepsch
2015-01-02* Implemented function to reset all media files;Guilherme Lepsch
2015-01-02* Moved responsability of database schema validation from database to databas...Guilherme Lepsch
2015-01-02* Resolved dead-lock with synchronous call to mainloop and thread join;Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-30* Resizing of artwork to keep database small and fast;Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-26* BIG: Fixed race condition - member not initialized yet.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-26* Reading audio length, bitrate, samplerate and number of channels.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-23* Removed unused source file.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-23* Removed responsability of sanning and tagging media files from audiolistmod...Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-22* Volatile for multithreaded member access.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-22* Fixed possible lock on public API call;Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-22* Code cleanup.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-22* Splitted responability of updating database tag information from audiolistm...Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-19* Splitted responsability of mapping database table rows from audiolistmodel ...Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-19* Implemented a primitive tag pool to stop bad_alloc.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-19fixing new esqlmodel name and remove unused logsLarry Jr
2014-12-19get/set settigns properties in sqlmodelLarry Jr
2014-12-19added sql data in settingsmodelLarry Jr
2014-12-18* BUG: Fixed stackoverflow.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-18* Reverted reading/saving of artwork. Its locking the main loop and may bad_a...Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-18* Renamed esql_model to esql_model_database.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-16* Saves artwork blob to database;Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-15* Reads artwork from MP3 files.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-15* Responsability of tagging a media file splitted from file_scanner.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-15* Proper struct zero'ing initialization.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-15* BSD/Clang compatibility.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-15* Changed logging from cout/cerr to eina_log (Easier to use and to control ou...Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-12altered shuffle_button and repeat_button in audioplayer barJoao Gabriel
2014-12-12added shufle and repeat icons for each stateJoao Gabriel
2014-12-12add play/pause button focusedJoao Gabriel
2014-12-12add play/pause button focusedJoao Gabriel
2014-12-11* Removed responsability of database procedures from audilistmodel to databas...Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-10* Fixed populating of maps by loading rows;Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-10* eio_model is blocking the GUI. Changed to eina_file in a background thread.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-09* eio_model C++ wrapper doesn't need to be unique_ptr. It's already ref-counted.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-09* Background tagging of media files.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-09* Fixed non-const signature.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-08* Refactored row insertion of artists, albums and tracks.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-08* Scanning media files working;Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-05added fullscreen mode changexLarry Jr
2014-12-04update code for new version of eolian-cxx generated codeLarry Jr
2014-12-02* WIP: Database schema to create/validate/migrate versions.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-02* Included to compile.Guilherme Lepsch