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masterGenerate code according to Eo4Daniel Zaoui3 years
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2016-03-06Generate code according to Eo4HEADmasterDaniel Zaoui1-7/+6
2016-03-03Add support for menu items of toolbarDaniel Zaoui1-3/+19
2016-03-03Removing commented codeDaniel Zaoui1-206/+0
2016-03-03Fix container props generation orderDaniel Zaoui1-8/+8
2016-03-02Fix property generation when object is NULLDaniel Zaoui1-1/+1
2016-03-01Adapt code to Eo changesDaniel Zaoui2-7/+25
2016-02-28Globalize an object that is deleted during a callbackDaniel Zaoui1-0/+1
2016-02-24Support pointer typeDaniel Zaoui1-0/+7
2016-02-18Support items containers generationDaniel Zaoui1-111/+172
2016-02-15Fix generation of strings containing double quotesDaniel Zaoui1-1/+9