BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
demoMOdifiynig sending and recieving messages to work with sdb shellAvi Levin6 years
masterFix compuilation warning with autocompleteAvi Levin6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-09-07Fix compuilation warning with autocompleteHEADmasterAvi Levin
2015-09-07Autocomplete Eo classes by EolianAvi Levin
2015-09-07Print list if more than one autocomplete option.Avi Levin
2015-09-06Fix regex match problem with *Avi Levin
2015-09-03Adding our own implemention of regexAvi Levin
2015-09-02Add autocompletions for Eo classesAvi Levin
2015-09-02Get list of object by regexAvi Levin
2015-09-01Printing tree of objects by Eo parentAvi Levin
2015-08-31Refactor autocomplete codeAvi Levin
2015-08-31Add ffi libraries to edbg_preloadAvi Levin