BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterTell start-stop-daemon to create pid file.Guillaume Friloux8 years
v2.0.1commit 190d34beb4...Guillaume Friloux8 years
v2.0.0commit 25841d6991...Guillaume Friloux8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-02Update control file for debian shit.v2.0.0Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02Delete useless aliases from another project.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02Update Doxyfile to 1.8.2 doxygen format to 1.8.5.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02Fix rule name for deletion of logs, to be compatible with smman 1.0.0.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02Deleting bad bad empty line.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02More doc.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02few doc changes.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02Improve documentation.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-31Better documentation.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-30Add some doc.Guillaume Friloux