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2013-12-18Rewrite of smman.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-13Less files is better.Guillaume Friloux
Also removed some doxygen doc.
2013-12-12Change copyright.Guillaume Friloux
ASP64 no more exists and i am the only guy working on it (well i havent since 2 years i am going to soon).
2013-06-04Fuck you 32 bits.Guillaume Friloux
2011-02-01Added a missing free()kuri igen
2011-01-26Little patch so we dont loose messages when logs works too fastkuri igen
2011-01-26Add eina_counter_new()kuri igen
2011-01-26I forgot eina_counter_start when c/c codekuri igen
2011-01-25Add eina counters to get time it takes to process a log messagekuri igen
2011-01-25Ajout des fichiers du projet smmankuri igen